wanna piece of me?

A Piece of Me

If there are two sides of a pole, I won’t be one side. I am bi-polar. I can be on either sides. I can either be severely moody or insanely happy. The name Joyce sometimes speaks for itself. It is so nice to be happy, thus it is nice to be Joyce. But when I am moody, you better not mess with me especially during my off days and that once in every month when the jeepers-creeper pays me a visit. I can rouse apocalypse and if you don’t want to witness it, better back off.
Speaking of disaster, I am a consistent accident-prone. I’m not sure whether it’s just a coincidence or some kind of connivance between fate and bad luck that magnifies into erroneous proportions. Even so, I just shrug it off. In fact I get so used to it I even think that I’m the one who’s chasing mishaps. I have a demented perception of reality accompanied by my pessimistic attitude. Perhaps this aids me to cope with traumatic experiences that come along my way.
Black is my primary color. I have a grotesque taste for bloodshed and the dark side. No I am not the anti-Christ. I abhor boy bands but yes, during my teeny weeny days I used to love Hanson. I have no sense of fashion, whatever that means. I wear whatever is comfortable. However, I am not stuck in the psychedelic era or any other time zone.
I have a different perception for beauty because otherwise I won’t love Goth. Who says what you see is what you get? That doesn’t apply to me. First impression does not last. You have to get to know me first before you could run your mouth and say what you want to my face. I am a freethinker. I believe that everyone has the right to have their Asses tattooed or get their tongues pierced whatever they want to do with their lives, I could care less. It’s their lives. I guess that would also mean I am apathetic. My thoughts are pretty deviant, but hell cares. My mind speaks louder than my mouth. I listen. I don’t talk very often but it works for me.
Anonymity is next to being ME. If you could read my mind, that would work better. If I could read yours then you are as good as dead. My hands always ache for a pen and a paper. I don’t know if it’s in born but writing is like an itch I cannot stop. It’s the only avenue where I could unleash the bitch in me. It sounds like a cliché but for me, it is the outlet of life’s drudgeries. It is much better to see me write than to look at a flying cabinet right?
But who says silent water runs deep. I may seem so sober but I have a wicked sense of humor that maybe only a few appreciate. Humor for me is something you say and do. So if you think that it is funny, feel free to laugh. Don’t hide it coz’ you just might fart. I can be antisocial but I have a company of a few whom I enjoy wasting my time with or do really important stuff like umm nothing and something.


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