it is true. we are bound to be aimless at some point after you have marched out of the portals of your alma mater.right now i don’t even know what i feel.. mixed emotions? there’s no such thing. we should know better.. i should know better but oh well for some unexplained phenomena.. it has sinked in.. what am i to do? what is next?i am left to procrastinate for the rest of my summer.. thinking of god knows what.. but hell at least i’ll have a break.. for 3 consecutive summers.. i’ve been working my ass off just to catch up for the one semester sabatical that was not voluntary but mandatory..

the grand ideation blues..i mean post-grad trauma has finally set it.. there’s no regrets. i had fun. i had a superb time while in was truly the worst and best of times…i actually feel lucky i had chosen my course instead of moping for not making it in the quota of the course i was supposed to take..

but right now, at this point, i’m no doubt overwhelmed by sadness. i know its not the end but instead a beginning.. but to hell with this cliche. it is the start of facing the problem of unemployment and the grim truth that i am of legal age therefore i am capable of doing crazy things like get married, and face the fact that i will be a tax payer once i get a decent job..

the truth does hurt. so here i am stuck with this lump in my throat.. i have to admit i am quite scared.. who isn’t?


One thought on “grandideation

  1. true… it really is different once you get out of school… it really is, as the cliche goes, “the real world”. harumph. so much for getting your life straightened out… in school things are quite unpredictable but in a limited sense. you know that what you will be doing tomorrow or the next day is still ’bout school stuff: acads, orgwork, tambayan… but when you graduate life really becomes more complicated and in the real sense unpredictable… daming twists and turns. hahaha. sa dami ng gusto kong gawin after grad i had difficulties deciding what to do next… well at least now (more of FOR NOW) i am bound to follow the employment path… katiekate

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