It was getting dark. She peeked at the window and spotted the figure of his husband. The zigzagging man drew closer to the door. It made her shudder. Drunk again, she thought. Just before she opened the door, a loud thud was heard. When she opened it, the body of her husband lay cold. Gritting her teeth, she said to her self, “at least his out cold he would probably sleep through the night”. He mumbled words hard for her to comprehend. He was heavy and dragging him inside made her back ache. She was too tired and to sick of seeing him like a wreck. When she was able to settle him down to the couch, he began touching her and saying words she knew he only meant in this certain state of mind. “Wait ‘til his sober and he won’t probably remember a thing of what he said” she thought.

His hands continued to fondle her bosom. She told him to stop and go change but instead he held her in his arms and began kissing her hard. It made her want to scream, the taste of liquor overwhelmed her. Suddenly she felt like vomiting. He began undressing her. She was too tired to complain, just too tired. The next night was the same except that he was not that drunk. He was still in his sober state of mind. Upon entering the room, she looked at him. He was eyeing one her like a prey. Orders came out of his mouth. He wanted her to entertain him and to strip before him. She couldn’t believe what she heard. She reasoned that she was not feeling well and that she would like to sleep early but suddenly he started cursing her and saying hurtful words. It made her cry.

With a heavy heart, she did what her husband told her to do. But after that, she felt despondent. For many nights the same sexual perversions occurred. Alcoholism changed her husband a lot. She never realized that it would come to this point. She knew she had to do something to stop. She reported it on a women’s center and queried on having legal separation. However, days passed and her husband’s attitude slowly came back to normal. Surely, she didn’t want to have their marriage go to waste. Her contemplation was ended. She decided not to pursue a separation case. She wasn’t sure if she made the right decision. Pretty much she hope that she did.

(inspired by a true story)


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