Lost in Reverie

Opening her eyes, she blinked. The sun shone above her face, it was almost blinding. Looking around, it was unfamiliar to her. The room was painted in white; with a table, a cabinet and certain apparatus were also beside it. Where is she? How did she get there? What time is it? How long has she been asleep? So many questions followed through her mind but she couldn’t remember anything. Not one bit. As she was about to rise, dizziness came. The room seemed to be spinning. The door opened and a young man in a light blue uniform came in. “Ah you are awake.” He greeted. “Where am I?’, she asked. “You’re safe here; you’ve been here for quite a while now. You were in a coma”, the man said while checking on a chart that was placed in a table. “I want to know how did I get here”, she insisted. “Yes, but you have to take it easy. I know you might feel a little nauseous. It’s normal. Don’t worry your doctor will be here in a minute, so just relax and don’t exert too much effort, for now”, the man explained. She was confused. She didn’t know what to do. Closing her eyes she fell in a dream-like states. Images flashed to her mind. It surprised her. What was that? It was like she was watching a re-run of a movie. It was familiar but for some reason she did not recognize the images that came to mind.

A girl was standing on the edge of a building. She didn’t know her. She saw her from the back. It was not clear, but it looked like she was about to jump. The wind sweep her hair, it felt good. In seconds, she was plummeting to the ground.

Sweat covered her face, as she woke up. The sun still shone brightly. It was a nightmare, she figured. Or was it? Was she the girl in her dream? The door opened again. This time a man in a white coat entered. He was holding a folder and smiled. Information was fed to her like food being swallowed. She finally knew how she ended up in the hospital and who she was. Still she felt confused. Why has she done it to herself? For weeks she underwent physical therapy sessions as well as psychological check ups and examinations. Little by little she remembers. She knew she had a fatal fall from a 3-storey building. The reasons still lie dormant in her idle memory. She wanted to find out soon. She was dying to know why. But only time will tell when she will finally came upon the memory of her sinister past.

(inspired by a tru story)


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