whiney the pooh

whine. yup. i am not sure with the spelling right now.. my brain’s not really working. i just got off from work..keep on whining about my schedule and how it’s been messing up every single thing.. and how it affects the earth’s rotation on it’s axis and how it worsens my cussing syndrome and add up to the red dots forming in my forehead.. all because of one crappy mistake i didn’t even make..everything is just not working as it should be.. _explicit content_

all of this doesn’t even make sense because of this stream of consciousness way of writing..makes all of this words useless..and almost uncomprehendable…. and how wish i wanted to leave but i am willing to stay..because i want to and i need to.. and how i keep on complaining about every single thing that i do and think..maybe because i am a bit obsessive compulsive or plain borderline…

and how this picture sank a thousand ships… because it makes me look gigantic and sleepless and grouchy and all other synonyms pertaining to cranky Bitch..

i have to stop now..this might give a heart attack now..won’t want to die that young.. no.. not this time..i haven’t seen any episodes of LOST season 2 yet..

so pardon me for being such being such a crybaby..it’s just the way that i am..


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