some questions i need to answer…sabi candy..try ko daw


1. bothers you ryt now?

the red dots around my forehead

2. is your favorite month of the year?

my birthday month..august

3. was your dream last night?

i don’t recall having one..hmmm

4. is your greatest fear?


5. was the best thing that happened to you this week?

hmm…free time surfing the net..checking out LOST sites..(i know..ang babaw.that’s what keeps me happy though)

6. are you planning to do this weekend?

i don’t experience having a weekend.sorry

7. can you promise to the one you love? i can’, sorry

8. will you wish for if you have a genie?

lost memorabillas and to bring sawyer to me


1.are you thinking of right now?

my family

2. do you run to when you’re down?

my friends

3. are the most influential people in your life ryt now? my friends and family

4. is the one you’re missing ryt now?

my mom

5. will you call/text later?

my dad

6. completes your day?

not who..what..LOST

7. starts your day?



1. will you take a bath?

every now and then

2. will you watch a movie?

don’t have much time to..try ko next week

3. was the first time you fell in love?


4. was the last time you went out with your friends?

last week, i guess

5. was the last time you said “i love you”?

hmmm….in light years..

6. was the last time you read a book?

currently stuck with one… else it was purely girls ung title

7. was the last time you asked for help?

kanina sa work..

8. was the last time you kissed your dad/mom?

they’re far from that was the last time i went home..

9. did u last receive a gift?



1.Do u have a crush?


2.Do u believe in love?

duh? ano to slum book..geez

3.Do u easily get attracted to the opposite sex?


4.Do u get jealous easily?



1.Any people in-love with u right now?

people? hmm..i wouldn’t know..

2.Want to get married?

hmm.*thinks*. happy right ask me again in maybe 5 years okay?

3.Ever did something unusual for love?

how come puro loveshit to….for the sake of friendship..a lot of things na..for my friends.. and family as well

4.What do u notice first in a person?

eyes..feet.. *i have foot fettish*

5.Last person u fell in-love with or currently inlove with?

sawyer/james ford/josh holloway

6. Are you missing someone right now?

my mom nga.

finally, i’m done..just doing my cousin a favor..wants me to answer these q’s and pass it around to the whole world..parang chain letter..pero hindi..

so anyone out there who’s interested in answering *ctrl +c, ctrl+ v nyo na lang*

gotta go, gotta pee



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