bloody hell

finally. new schedule..shift starts at 12 midnight.. i might as well wish that i turn into a pumpkin to avoid going to work.. but hell,it won’t happen. well at least i’ll get to be paid more in the coming months..

in exchange..would be..more irate callers..more info. shoppers…and hopefully more bookers..

i hate, QA..dammit i haven’t flunked in my entire’s so freaking hard to pass.. my QA analyst so..o well..i wish could rant more but..i’m too tired to even care right now..

moving on..

what’s up with me lately..

i’ve been SO lost with LOST.. it’s basically my life.. i live and breathe it..i’m practically all over the place trying to read more about the show and recently i got what i’ve asked for.. one of the LOST memorabillas..

well actually it’s kinda outdated but hell if it’s all about LOST I have to have it..

it’s all a diversion.. it i will not make myself busy with what i love..i’d probably go mad

besides..i haven’t had a chance to write lately..i mean really write..the way i used to..i have no time to really pour my ideas out..i always run out of’s like i’m always on the run..

time really flies when you’re having fun..or shall i say when you’re day starts at 12 mdn..


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