waiting list

I am one of the million people on the waiting list..why do people wait? here’s my waiting list

> Always waiting for the MRT- to get a ride (duh?) and avoid possible exhaustion from traffic jams

>> waiting for my color to change-apparently i so love black i don’t see myself wearing any other color. talk about comfort zone or something..I can’t leave the house without a shade of black (aside from my hair , eyes and hmm… underarms (hihihi). I almost never take off this black bracelet and anklet… i just don’t feel complete without ’em.. nyay? may sayad na ata ako

>>> waiting for for my hair to grow..and by this i mean the hair in the head and not in the down under.. i’ve been trying all sorts of shampoos that says for longer and silky hair or makes hair grow fast up to 2 cm after 7 weeks (crap!) wtf? 2cm in 7 weeks.. Like myself..my hair is a bit stubborn..it’s not used to being long and all..I always cut it short…that way i will not spend to much time styling it or maybe combing it..coz when it comes to that..i am way too lazy….but now..i sort of change my mind..just of the sake of change..i want to try something different.. and I vowed that I will not cut it short for the next three years (gulp!)

>>>WAITING for my savings to grow.. and that is possible if i continue to save.. I want to go to school again..I need brain power. This job is making me way tired to even think.. words no longer flow like water when i speak..it’s almost too mechanical..(shiver!) I have several items on my wishlist but for security reasons must not yet be disclosed…wahehehe.. Besides, they’re just utterly material things..whicj if i continue to loathe for might lead me to limbo when i die.. I have to save..for my retirement..nyek?! and for my family of course..>poses a showbiz smile<

>>>waiting for my appraisal. because if i don’t get one.. then it means i am DEAD. (*gulp*)

>>>waiting for the PAGE to load.. i’m running out of ideas to write probably because my brain is dead

>>>>> waiting for time to pass and maybe my bioalarm to ring. I am 21 now. wondering what i will be when i am 21 and a half….much worst when my birthday comes.. and i am still feeling 21

>>>>waiting for something BIG to happen. like a meteorite to fall or maybe GMA to relinquish her title as my conniving person in the planet.. i SO hate politics..

>>>>>>waiting for PRINCESS. i miss her. The sisterhood of the travelling pants will not be complete without her.

>>>> waiting for courage to pour in..i am not good with goodbyes. i am not good with hellos either

>>>and finally, i will always be patient in waiting for the NEXT episode of LOST every monday at 10pm (axn)

>>>>p.s. i am also waiting for myself to grow up.. hahaha..maturity takes time my friends

WHILE WAITING.. we must take action. Action equals result. Effort must be placed for a thing at rest to move. Yes, that’s the only thing i learned in PHYSICS which applies in the real world

>>Change will happen if we make it happen. But why do we wait…because there is HOPE.. and when there is hope..



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