PRAISE to you O lord!

just got APPRAISED! (tama ba? is there such a term–basta im done with the 100th day appraisal)

I survived. it’s been a hundred days.. imagine i lasted 100 days..that is 1-0- 0 days..i am still employed..omg! a lot of this to improve in a lot…got a satisfactory grade though..overall i freaking PASS!!! got double AA..paranf batteries..weird, noh?!

HOORAY.. yun nga lang..gud luck in the next months to come.more hard, HARD work and temperamental people to deal with..loving my co-workers though and the suppies..hating the irate people but o well. .life is LIFE. bahala na si BATMAN or Robin

whatever.. the caffeine rush is almost over from last night night-out with usual..starbuckaroos..holly crap i have to go to sleep now..i still have work to later..

gtg.see you in the after life brotha!


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