so i got back..went home to fix things that need fixing..it was quick..believe me..time flies when you are having fun..i was like being chased of some of psychological stampede..i am quite exhausted when i got back..manila! waaahhh..work again.. what i need is a long vacation..which is still far from an oasis known to man..i am but a slave underpaid individual here..hahaha..not really but in a way..well.. i need to exit first..finish this post in…a million seconds, okay?

>>>runs out and screams wtf???!!!

okay so i am back..i still lack sleep and yeah..i kinda got the homesickness stuck in my system right now, i am not sure why.. but yeah..

what happened in naga..it was a whirlwind of errands and binge eating..i haven’t even got the chance of entering the newly opened and freshly painted E-MALL..suckerrr

i’ve also been to ATENEO, my beloved alma mater..i loathe to go to school again..very soon..my neurons are dying for the lack of brain boosters… i need to get back into those drowning assignments or busting balls to finish paperworks..minus the boring lectures though..and the sleepy-eyed professor.. o yeah, i miss college bigtime

i’m broke..almost poor as the sidewalk vendor..my bonus will posted next month..meanwhile, i have to scavenge for food..

gotta go, garbage awaits..

speak to you soon


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