say what, now?

badly needing a rest day.. working for almost seven days straight is a pain in the butt but yeah, you got to do what you have to do… i having anger management’s hard hearing the same complaint over and over again and committing the same freaking mistakes like a freaking retarded..

yeah, i should enroll myself to some sort of anger management program..apparently i need one…There are so many things worth doing than this but yeah, i don’t really have much options and sad to say i hate taking risks.. I am not good in adaptation as i have been saying over and over..I sound like a friggin’ recorder here…I can’t even think straight like I am drunk or something..Well, as much as i want to write. I am just too tired.. get back at ya.. in the afterlife>>>

ok, i’m back..because of DST..i just got a weekend off..woohoo! If I am not mistaken today is April 2..thank, God for DST..Last night..been to metrowalk with ariane and we visited this stall with LOST goodies the name is HORNY LITTLE DEVIL…sabi ko na..once na makapunta na ko dun..ewan ko lang…finally met up with one of the LOST pinoys si Josel.So nice and ang daldal…hehehe

sobrang geek na talaga ako…this is a disease..well anyway later may work nanaman

we are damn serious about fact we will all meet up and gather for the upcoming NWA convention this July.. As in promise.. I will do whatever in takes…as in I will do everything in my power to attend that convention..

We are going to in for us to join the New World Alliance thing..kaya lang if it would cost me my hard-earned moolah..hmmm..well, having second thoughts there..pero for sure I will meet up with my fellow LOSTies para masaya..and para hindi lang ako all work and no play..

boring naman ng life kung ganon..wahehe..o well, gotta get back to sleep..Have work pa later!!


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