S is for Sophisticated.

Your celebrity look is the Romantic Look!

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With the eyes of a Botticelli and the smile of a DaVinci, you’re the latest embodiment of the Romantic Look. It’s your fascinating combo of dreamy innocence and smoldering desire that always keeps ’em guessing. Your tender, inner nature comes out in the soft colors and flowing fabrics of your clothes. But just because you can pull off the pastel eye shadows, pouty glossed lips, and the wide-eyed look of a kitten, everyone knows that you’re no angel. Once you slip into something sexy for the evening and dab a little fragrance behind the ear, you’re capable of just about anything. Mysterious as a cat, you share the same romantic allure as Nicole Kidman, Penelope Cruz, and Andie MacDowell. And just like them, your sincere, inner beauty always manages to shine just as brightly as your striking appearance.some side comments:

>>>romantic? are you freaking kidding me???

>>> yeah..nicole kidman would work..

What’s Your Celebrity Look?

>>>>>>>>>>check it out..My celebrity soulmate!!

Your celebrity soul mate is someone who’s Funny

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There’s always funny stuff going on in the script when you’re on the set. Whether you’re pranking your crew, telling a funny joke, or injecting an element of the absurd into a situation, you’ve got a way with making people laugh. It’s only fitting that your celeb soul mate is someone who’s silly and quirky, too!A celeb who’s good looking and good at enjoying life like Owen Wilson is just right for the role. No matter if you’re playing mini golf or shopping at the mall, you’ve both got the comic talents to have loads of hilarious hijinks wherever you go. And if your celeb soul mate is on location in some foreign country, someone who’s funny and closer to home would be perfect for the job. And that’s no joke!

Who’s Your Celebrity Soul Mate?

>>>some side comment/s:

laughter is the best medicine!


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