to ErR is to be Human

what’s up, ketchup?

currently listening to: the man who sold the world by NIRVANA

current mood: so-so

current status: alone and stinky..haven’t take a bath yet..

currently craving for: junk food

wishlist for my birthday although (it’s still 3 mos. early):

> LOST season 1 and season 2 dvd
>Collector’s Edition Premiere Issue of LOST magazine
>hopefully a digital camera
> wardrobe needs to be “upgraded”

lord, forgive me for being materialistic..i will not promise but i will try to make a world a better place to live and perhaps contribute to world peace

speaking of world.. I am planning to join the New World Alliance.No, this is not some anarchist party. Me and my fellow LOST fanatics might meet up and gather for the up-coming NWA convention. This will be held on July. Hopefully we can form a group of 10 to sign up and officially become the PINOY LOSTies!

okay.. so i’m a geek. so? at least i’m not doing drugs or something..I know I have a special role in this world..maybe this is unite people and represent our some formal and serious worship..erRr..gathering of brilliant minds..hehehe

it’s a bit nutty isn’t it? taking my obsession to the higher least I am not alone.. Hehe..There are others much worst than me..And we are going to meet..EXCITED..Maybe this april..

moving on..

currently looking for a certain book: LORD OF THE FLIES by William Golding and Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night time by Mark Haddon

looking forward to: hit the waves.. I wish!!!

missing: school and school mates

>>that’s it for head’s about to crack open!

later, losers!


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