boredom.kills.I swear.

>>>current wishlist:

>>>a time portal
>>>episode 13-the long con
>>>episode 16- dave
>>>new glasses.the current one sucks.makes me look..boring.

last night, i dreamt of my mom. I could only remember a few details..but it felt real.and for the first time after long non-dream nights, she finally visited me.. it was brief..i felt sad after i woke up…it made me miss her more. i wish we could be together soon…


nina. my high school friend. I hope we can grab a bite or something..She’ll probably be spending the holidays with her family..


sitting in front of the tv.ALIAS is on..It has crossed my mind.. in one of those sleepless nights, I wished i was a i can be nobody and anybody at the same time..


i watched BANDIDAS last night. Finally, movie night.. It’s been a while since I have been to a movie house. I just have to release some genuine laughing gas otherwise I might end up dead..The last movie I have watched was probably KING KONG..pathetic

Dying to see: THE DA VINCI CODE and X-MEN III-The Last Stand

Still waiting. wishing.hoping for retribution.

and this point.stuck with boredom..quenched only by the tapping of the fingers in each key..and the squinting of the eyes trying to shield thyself from radiation..staring at the blinking cursor..drowned in melancholia..waiting for some kind of divine intervention..and the tapping stops…the poet has got to take a leak..because of a bad bladder problem..poetry is dead.. and boredom rules over the land..

now that was a scary thought.. all because…I tell you. Boredom..Kills. I swear..


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