mr. sandman, wtfau?

i can’t sleep. Yep it’s 4:38 manila time. And I can’t sleep.I will be going to work in two hours. I just got two hours…sleep…and it won’t work..i guess the caffeine rush isn’t over yet..


this is as far as i can go.. my brain is damaged from having several sleep patterns. i can’t think..clearly…it’s like having a hangover..except for the fact that i don’t know what a hangover feels like. ..

there’s too much commotion in head is about to crack open…speaking of which..when i turned on the tv Grey’Anatomy was on and I decided to watch..I like medical-inspired shows like HOUSE M.D. or SCrubs.. and CSi too..

o well..i have to try going back to sleep…because i tell it won’t be’s also like having PMS magnified tenfold..

again the angsty poet is on the verge of insanity.gripping on the only thing that she can hold on too..dear lord!

mr. sandman wtfau?


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