It’s that heat, that heat, that heat. It’s that heat!

Head aching. too much sleep perhaps or the heat of the summer. dang!

So many things to do. So little time. I’m organizing..well, at least just helping in forming a group of fans called–LOST Pinoys (not an official name).. well, that’s how I prefer to be called just to have some kind of distinction. Boy, am I serious or what?? Yeah, I really want this to push through. For once I am devoting my spare time to something I really really want to do. We will have an official first lunch meeting to talk about the membership and all the stuff you need to talk about to put up an organization. Excited, more than ever. I’m like a kid who will go to a toy store for the first time.

Well, anyways..right now, I am alone as usual. Staring at the tv, waiting for an episode in national geographic “Secret Bible Week”..Intriguing information are to be revealed about Christianity, our beliefs , teachings and stuff..Very interesting…Can’t wait for THE DA VINCI CODE. I am definitely going to watch it in the big screen..

I need new clothes. I haven’t shop in like…months..My wardrobe is about to go extinct, as usual. I don’t care much about fashion. It’s variety that I am worried about. I think I am becoming too monotonous. Even the word monotonous is..monotonous, boring..

Or maybe it’s just that heat, that heat, that heat..


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