ms bright side

listening to: THE KILLERS’ Mr. Bright side

so far..

we’re going to move..yup, we are leaving our humble abode to another realm..joke! Just one floor up..We will be evicted soon from Pinoy Big Sister’s house..

Finally, have the time and moolah to shop for clothes..In time for the rainy season. I asked my friend to buy me a jacket..I’m planning on buying new shoes though..It’s still out of the budget. The important thing is that I was able to trim down the needs and was able to avoid the ‘no, no’s’ otherwise known as the wants.

Besides, we got a lot of budgeting to do for the new place and yeah..We are almost in the independent mode..and gearing up for the yuppie-invades-the-real-world type of feeling..

Shet! I miss the old days. When you used to ask money from you parents so you can fulfill or your whims and wishes..Those days are gone my friend. And soon saying bye bye for a while to wi-fi internet and cable..*sobs incessantly*

Pressure. Pressured as ever. Work’s getting more challenging than ever. Next month they are going to transfer people to a new account. The people who are not doing very well in terms of stats..hmm..that may include me,though…dang! Hope not but O well do we have a choice.. Actually we don’t but somehow we technically have a choice..that’s either stay or leave..Yeah, it’s up for me to choose. stay..leave..stay..leave..hmmm

Well anyways, I’m not the top performer but yeah, I’m the so-so type..but I have to make it to the final cut before the month ends or else…*cuts neck.commits self-mutilation* +

Actually, looking at the bright side of things. It may be a good opportunity.. but still I’m not really good at’s another period of adjustment as stuff.. and I am dying to use my MAXICARE.. (while I still can)…hehehe

Company outing in the last week of May…contemplating on joining..My anti-social tendencies may prevent me from going..hehehe..besides I hate weekends. there’s so many people during weekends wherever you go. I guess I was used to the weekday off thing..I liked it..The lesser the crowd the better. Too much commotion gets me nauseated. Okay, so maybe I have agoraphobia or somehting..whatever!

Waaah. the Da Vinci code was rated R-18 by mtrcb. Thank god I am 21. Speaking of which..I’m gonna be 22 soon. the hell!!!???!!!

Some many things to do, so little time

gotta back when I have the time and energy to write..hopefully….

for now..let’ s just look at the brighter side of things shall we

after all the end of days may fall under 6-6-6 [June 6, 2006]

we will never know..but hey, Life is short. Enjoy it while you can.


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