*6 weird things*

tagged by: kate.I can think of more than six. And when I say weird, I mean weird in my own perception of weirdness..But anyways, here goes..

*I’m taking the LOST freakiness into the Geeky-level. Yup, I’m building an empire for Philippine LOST fandom..I don’t know why? I just want to..lol

** I have a weird compulsion to write. When I see a pen and paper I want to scribble. I mean anything, my name, maybe a poem, or anything that pops into my mind…I want to tell the world what I can’t say out loud. I mean I think I’m not the in-your-face type of person. It’s like thinking out loud when it’s not. I write my favorite quotes too. I have a little black book of quotes which is by now rotting somewhere in my house.

*** Ever heard of MILO sandwhich?

****I like black. I wear black. I’m not black but I can’t live without it. Okay so maybe it’s not that weird. How about this? When I don’t wear black I feel incomplete.

*****I like collecting pens, pencils and papers or journals alike. I have tons of them. I think I am the hoarding type of person. Even those that are like way back in my elementary days, you will find it in my time capsule collection.. lol. I have a box full of memorabillas. Letters from friends, cards,candy wrappers,tickets from events,table napkins from restaurants I’ve been to except jollibee, mc do and other regular fast foods [freak!]>>>but i stopped collecting it when I realized it was really pointless to be doing such thing..Anyways, I have anything that would remind me of that single significant event in my life….

******I don’t use a deodorant. Why? I don’t smell. Period. Even so, people who don’t have b.o. use them? Why? I don’t know. I think it’s a waste of money to own one when you know that bathing works. At least for me it works..

Those are the things that I think enlists me to the Guinness Weird Record.

and just to add:

1. By now my short-term memory has been reduced to 5 sec. Yes, friends I think it could either be brain tumor or I have a memory of a goldfish.

2. My sleeping pattern has been completely altered, reduced and irreversibly damaged.

3. I want to go to school and maybe be a doctor someday…talk about regression..lol

4. I want to invent a time machine. I’m constantly bothered by my what-ifs.

5. I have 120/20 vision.Not unique but yeah.That’s just me.

So suckers, welcome to my world! And see you in the afterlife.



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