Yup, Just got out of my shift…I think I left my brain somewhere…o here it is. I got it, let me just re-insert it to myskull.. Finally, my hands are itching to write.. man, it been a very, very and did i happen to mention..very, long week…
Here ‘s a sFLASH report…
Last July 16-LOST Group made their debut. It was a success. We have 40 people who signed up to be members! And that is 40 including 5 of us, I think.Compared to the other groups, I think we did pretty well, promoting. Next con, we’re gonna have the whole nine yards.I promise. We even got a little media exposure c/o WAZZUP, WAZZUP and DIGITAL TOUR…Yup, NATIONAL tv debut..But I’m not exaggerating we’re not like super main feature or something.. at least not yet..
Here’s the two pictures I uploaded–Me and writer extraordinaire Karen Kunawicz dressed as an orc (LOTR). And the other picture is Me and Sabby, one of our first members manning the mini booth.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Next stop after my conventionitis, UAAP game[ ADMU VS UP]! At the last minute, my cousin asked me if I want to watch the game. Ain’t that sweet. I was all over the place and take note I haven’t slept for like 24 hours. I was yelling so loud, for a second I thought my lungs was about to collapse…My comment is DON’T MIX SCHOOL POLITICS WITH SPORTS. I tell you, hun, it ain’t pretty..After of have been said in done, the eagles fly and the maroons die [literally or otherwise]
After the game, DRINKING session friends. Our very own Emz mixed us up a good ol’ fashion ladies drink. Nope, no hangovers there. But i tell you TIPSiness is next to…rocking great time. I tell you, we did it all.. laugh, cried and yes we even fought.. not physically. it was more of a debate and as OSCAR WILDE once said “True friends stabs you at the front”…[ouch!]But, let save the details for later shall we.
>>>news, just got in, the end of days is coming. it’s raining dinosaurs outside. I’m not joking. how will i get home??<<<
moving on, it was the best get-together yet. I think we slept at 1:30am. Too early…
Wow, that was my week so far, I think i was up for more than 24 hours that is so not cool.. yeah, I’m brain-dead.. I’ll post again soon… seems like my brains is trying to escape from the clutches of my skull again.. Oooops.

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