5th of august

22.I don’t like the number not for obvious reasons maybe. But ok, so I’m no longer 21. I am not 22 and there will come a time when i will be 32. do i make sense? no, i can’t make sense out of it. again. i’m stuck in this internet cafe with this bunch of school drop outs or the frequent students who cut classes for the sake of network gaming.. boy, all this wooting makes me brain dead. make me want to stand up and say… SHHHHUUUUUTTTTT UP!!!
*intermittent explosive disorder* must take tranquilizer!!
I can’t even hear my brain think. come’on people.. moving on..
it all started with the first 7 messages received at around 1 a.m. august 5, 2006. 7 people suddenly making me realize that i am old enough to have a boyfriend. i refuse to step down as the incumbent president of the N.B.S.B.C. “No Boyfriend Since Birth Club”. ok, life must go on. I thanked them for being the lucky seven who made me realize i am legally 22.
7:30 am- go home and found that my friend had a bad hangover from last night’s gimik. wow! i missed the opportunity of seeing her wasted. but wait til i got into the bathroom. yup, wasted. her puke was all over the place and she’s running late for work… and I want to wash my face na!! the sink is a mess the floor had some of her mess from last night’s drinking spree.. but o well, it’s my birthday. i believe it was in god’s plan… so i picked up the gloves and start cleaning the mess.. while i cuss and curse of how i wish i was in her place. my other friend was there for the moral support…. it was not the kind of support that i wished i’d get but yes, i still appreciate it..what a way to start the day.. my birthday!
8am phone call.. overseas phone call from my tita inquiring about what else? not my job, not my health but what else? my love life?? what’s wrong with the world today? specially on this day, my day… I felt like tina turner screaming ‘what’s love got to do with it?’ but o well, she’s my tita and mahal ang overseas na tawag kaya magpasalamat ka na lang sa effort niya..ok?!
but rant aside, i did feel special on my day, it’s just once a year that feeling mo in demand ka.. hehehe.. 7 to 10 messages racing for the first place in your obsolete cellphone. You get messages like it’s a special day for someone as special as you. feeling ko tuloy retarded ako…special daw kasi e.. pero ok lang. Thanks, Dad! My bestfriend made me a bit teary-eyed with her text message… my ever-loving titas in naga and my favorite tito greeted me as well.. my high school friend, college friends, officemates as well.. so much love…Thank you all! You know who you all are.. and for those who weren’t able to remember?! *lintik lang ang walang ganti* bwahahaha
6pm I was awaken by my two friends, who just arrived.They brought out the GIFT
yes! gift!!!! *thanks friends, you’re the best!* but bummer, i just remembered. I still have work later. and so later that night, i forced myself not to self-mutilate infront of my moody supervisor and say “hey, be nice to me. it’s my birthday for cristssakes!” but life’s a bitch and and that scene was all inside my head!
last night was our mini celebration in eastwood..no not clint’s eastwood. aside from the fact that it rained and i was wearing heels, all went well.. i don’t make sense. i know. but please bear with me..
and so we started it off with SUKOB. o yes, we did. but one of my friends didn’t make it.. *you owe me one for this, (I miss you)* But i do understnad, she’s not much into horror flicks. .. so be it..
the story itself is eclectic..a combo of pinoy acting and japanese horror themes.. yep, we got ourselves some chopsuey ladies and gentlemen.. bloody brilliant!
for some time it made me think what it sumpas are true and i guess anting-anting is as well..
moving forward..
we wander aimlessly after quite some time… knowing that it was like raining dinosaurs outside.. we passed by a coffee shop.. and got all trigger happy with ariane cam.phone. yup, the camwhores strike back.. with all sorts of poses.. fun fun fun
and then when the rain finally decided to stop, we went to bed
– end-
ooOps, no, no, no, fun’s isn’t over yet. we went to the bedroom
had a drink, pizza, saw paolo contis with isabel oli, which by the way broke my friends’ hearts, talk about our wishes and dreams… and finally went home sweet home..
22.. haaayy, i hate 22.. soon i’ll hate 23 but in the meantime, look at the bright side, i am just 22 I still have 10 or 20 years to rant.. bwahahahaha..

One thought on “5th of august

  1. thanks for being nice even if i didn’t make it. you’re nice not just because i’ll be reading this right? ahehehe. someone refused to take me to libis last night because it’s raining and because it’s late and because “you just had a fever last friday di ba?”. oh yeah, and because no one will take me home. i really owe you all. so sorry. 🙂

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