damn you salazar! *hik, hik, hik*

and so, i am stuck on a tuesday morning with nothing to do. it’s raining dinosaurs outside. but last night was a blast-lot of things happened including a mini-telenovela scene from our own housemate and birthday girl. also our temporary housemate slash bartender visited mixed up some good ol cosmo and we were good to go.

wait. rewind. the night started by a sound of a door bell, the birthday girl arrived. and i was as sleepy as sleeping beauty awaken by the continious ringing of the damn bell. in my hallucination i thought it was my other housemate… and so i went back to bed.. of course, she couldn’t stand being alone, with me, snoring my ass off. so she began screaming in my face telling me to get up.. i groggily muttered some incomprehendable cuss word and told her that i had a terrible experience last night.. in fact it was the worst night yet.. It was the night i decided to wear the newly ‘hand-me-down’ shoes that my best friend gave me. she was on the process of getting rid of her old shoes, and when i say old it’s not those who see in the u-k. relatively it’s still decent besides the fact that it was missing it’s right sole but that’s beyond the point..she’s a bit imeldific (i can’t spell right, now so pardon me!) she has two racks full of shoes, and i say two. we only have three racks and there are four of us in the condo. We have to fit all of our shoes in one rack. but that’s ok, i can only count the pairs i have with the fingers in my hand.. no problem with that.. but anyways, again that’s beyond the point.. as i was saying, the night started with me deciding to look decent enough to go to work and put on my pearls and old “new” white shoes. All was working out just fine, i didn’t miss the train and i was able to get off the station without getting mugged or killed..but wait til i reached the jeep. once i parked my behind in that old crowded jeep, drops of rain began to fall. and i said to myself, well, good thing i brought my trusty umbrella. but as the jeep passed makati ave, lighting suddenly striked followed by thunder, the wind also started hissing as if mocking me because of my pearls and white shoes. and so to my dread, the rain continuously poured down the moment I stepped off the jeepney and was about to cross ayala ave, i noticed that it was already flooded, i can feel the steam come out my ears and i finally let out a scream ‘this is hell!!!’. there’s no way for me to find shed or something.. i was really crossing ayala ave cor gil puyat towards our bldg. it was damn flooded, my white shoes swam like there’s no tomorrow. my trusty umbrella was mocked by the raging downpour. As i entered the lobby of the 3rd floor, i felt the sudden shot of cold air. it was like i entered a freezer. and i was soaking wet. aaargggghhhh.manong guard asked me ‘malakas ba ulan sa labas ma’am??’ and i answered ‘hindi! parang umaambon lang’ and he let out a sheepish laugh. i laughed back in spite wishing i had a dagger in my hand so that i could have shoved it to his throat to get the night over with.. but i was so cold i decided to just get on with the rest of the show…by the way here’s the worst part. the worst part was that i have to hang myself dry by standing in front of the damn hand dryer…. damn you salazar!! damn this pearls and shoes! damn this night.. i thought i was going to be sick.. well, actually the whole night felt like i sat on ice, my butt was growing numb. my back was as stiff as a board and yes.. i am still wet.. damn this dryer!! bleep, bleep, bleep, bleep……..






**************and now, back to your regular programming****************





I finally decided to wake up and asked where our other housemate was. she told me that she was the one whom i opened the door for.. it was really me sleepwalking..cool! and so i found another hidden talent..after dinner, we all decided to have a drink. our bartender mixed up her own version of cosmopolitan. yes, it very sex and the city. the drinking session started with question and answer portions as usual.. very reflective questions to which i don’t know what to answer.. and so as usual.. i goofed off when my one of them asked what would be our life’s theme song.. when it was my turn.. i had no song in mind.. out of the blue.. i blurted..’uhmm, “get down by the back street boys?” and the house was brought down.. they all bursted laughing.. yes, before the rocker pride there was there was a pop-schmuck in me..

moving forward to the teleserye part of the night..for the loveth of our birthday girl, we decided to pass on getting the kilig moment from julian and jasmin of the korean novela my girl.. yes, every night i get a dose of screaming housemates all because of the julian’s korean charm. o, god bring cable tv back, please please please. i’ll die without it..

anyways, at that point, we’re running out of ice and so, i and our resident bartender decided to go to the nearest 24 hour-store for a refill. on our way back, we heared the screaming birthday girl at far corner of the room with her cellphone in one ear. we entered seeing the “archordion door” that divides our bedroom and dining area was half-way shut. apparently, she and her lover boy was has having a fight. not really an ideal way of celebrating your pre-birthday night with your housemates but o well, shit happens.

it was something about some misunderstanding that i believe if i share it with you, you’d strangle me until i grew lifeless infront of you. but anyways, the call ended with some cuss words and a phone that went airborn and then hitting the cold floor. our goofing around was cut short. we rushed to her side.. my best friends starts consoling her.. and i told her that it was a sukob to her birthday so she should stop crying..again we all laughed.. she decided to have her alone time in the bathroom..she was not that suicidal so we continued the drinking session.. moments later she decided to join the fun…again.. after all it was at least an hour before her birthday. but at around 11 (i think) she decided to call it a night. after all she’s still have work the next day…

several minutes later, we decided that there was nothing left to drink, besides we can’t get drunk anyway..our resident bartender went home.. and we all went to sleep.. knowing that tomorrow.. well, tomorrow is another day.. and it’s our friend’s birthday.. sana hindi sukob…

i wasn’t able to sleep easily that night not because of the alarm that the birthday girl set to remind her that it was now her official birth day, it made me think of the revelation that one of my friends shared. it was her ill fate. she told the group of her medical condition (liver cancer). the doctor told her of her that she has 8 years more to live…it made me more sad that it was only now that she decided to tell us. she was 18 years old when she found out. i know how hard it is to loose someone close to you. i lost my mom 8 months ago. i guess i’m still on the process of letting go.. and it’s hard believe me.. it’s the hardest and saddest part that you have to undergo.. and now we are faced with this..damn you, salazar!!!!


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