joyce’s anatomy

today i finally realize how important cable tv is…i spent the first few hours of my rest day watching season one of GREY’S ANATOMYat some point in my life i kind of imagine myself being a doctor.. the whole lab gown and stet around the neck gives me the rush plus getting no sleep for 48 hours straight cures the itch for insomiacs..tsk tsk tsk..

but here i am young and underpaid with eye bags as large as my belly.. whatever happened to the dreams do come true part of the fairytale.but i know life is no fairy tale otherwise we would have cable tv by now…what are we without national geographic.. it’s just one of the ways that i could catch on on my nerdy fix.. i miss monday night RAW.. it’s not just about brains..we should have both brains and brawn.. and how about a daily dose of music for the yuppies soul.. i miss myx and my desperate wish to have a rockstar wannabe’s dream come true.. and what about ETC, and AXN and HBO and all the acronym that we can all think of.. what are we without these networks.. what will ever happened to me..this shall be my downfall, the deterioration of my couch potatoness ( if there’s ever such a word, i can’t even tell?) I therefore conclude, i badly need cable tv. in superficiality, it’s like caffeine. it’s what keeps me alive..i’m incapable without it.. it made me even miss the good old days when you were in your parents’ house…when my dad and i would watch tv at night.. watch movies together and bond as we take the night duty, keeping an eye on my mom.. i miss them badly.. it made me cry when i was watching one of the episodes in grey’s anatomy.. it’s unfortunate that i can relate to some of the situations and at the same time it’s addicting knowing that maybe someday i’d see myself in that white gown and a stet around my neck.. but who knows?? right now, i feel stripped.. barenaked like i’m some corpse for autopsy.. what’s inside my head? you tell me..


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