cogito ergo doleo

been blogediting.exhausted. seeing so many punctuation and grammatical errors, depresses me. cogito ergo doleo means I THINK. Therefore, I AM DEPRESS.. nuff said..depressing that i’m so poor i can’t even pay attention.. distracted. my supervisor told me i look distracted.. am i? well, i’m just trying to distract myself from poking her eyeballs. don’t get me wrong, i like my supervisor, she’s very hardworking and at the same time, i can compare her to the weather she’s unpredictably predictable.. ironic. it’s hard to meet her standards they’re almost sky high. you always have to be in the gladiator-mode, like you’re always fighting for you life. like any second she’ll throw you in a pit full of snakes and expect to see you come out alive without a single bite. everyone has to be a fighter. the world is an arena. right after birth, we already fought our first battle..the cry for oxygen. and we survived. we will always find a way to survive. it’s either we face it or run away. either way it’s how we survive that matters. so, should i poke my supervisor’s eye and runaway? i don’t think so. i’m not yet ready to lose my job. hell, no..i’ll just continue to recite my mantra. “die, bitch, die” one million times. no, really, i like her. i swear. i also like her motto failure is not an option. it’s like we’re in the military or something. but hey, i’m self-propelled. i don’t need a master sargeant. besides, i already have one at home so why bother? on the other hand, i appreciate her concern and all her efforts to motivate us..she’s very responsible and no, i’m not just saying this to kiss ass but really she deserves a “sir, yes, sir” whenever she barks orders. so there, i concede. and yet at some point, i just close my eyes and chant my mantra ‘die, bitch, die’. either way, i’ll survive.


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