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On “Milenyo”
It would be pointless to wear a shirt that says ‘I survived Milenyo’. Aside from the fact that it has left some parts of the country into ruin– like–billboards crashing into cars, landslides and water-soaked schools, it took many lives. Innocent lives that is. However, even though mother nature is partly to be blamed, we cannot ignore the fact that hey, there are scumbags like the billboard people who placed those o-so humogous pictures of kris acquino, shaina and the like—illegally (meaning no permit?). These o-so precious billboards of yours, you scumbags killed an innocent, hardworking driver and left a number injured…Ok, so it may sound like I’m one of those activists you normally see, screaming their lungs out for justice’s sake…. well maybe in a way. I know that i won’t be able to offer anything to those whose lives have been changed forever but hey, at least I am aware of their situation..and perhaps have given them some sort of recognition.. recognition for what? Maybe, for having being victimized by these scumbags and by nature’s wrath.. This brings me to the question of “why do bad things happen to good people?” i’m not saying that those people deserves a premium seat in their flight to heaven. It’s just sad that innocent people have to suffer. Zealot! I am not. Just a concerned, ordinary citizen who at that time was sitting infront of the computer, working her a** off. For crying out loud, it could have been me in their place. But then again, maybe He has a greater plan for me… to become a Zealot.. well, a zealot I am not. All i can say is that hell hath no fury like mother nature’s scorn. Repent for the end of days is near. *enter demonic laughter*
Is there a way for us to be alliviated from scum of a life that we are in? Yes, if we just truly understand the meaning of “just distribution of goods” (economics ba ito?) or much better if we don’t throw away money into the drain like some rich kids do.. Dude, pare, chong,I read an article in this magazine. Someone gave her puppy a birthday party. Yes, you heard me right! A puppy party!?! A puppy party consists of customized balloons, cakes, giveaways, party hats, and other customizeds stuff for her pooch. One word. Poocha! I’m not being a zealot and a hypocrite here. And i know what you’re thinking, if you are reading this entry. Hate me now while you still have a chance.. You’re thinking, hey, leave her alone it’s her own money that she’s spending. Maybe. But would it hurt to share this money to those who are in need or to exaggerate it..to those who are really in need. I mean c’mon. It’s a dog. Would the dog say” Wow, I have a puppy party. Let’s do this until I turn 12 and die!” On the otherhand, I admire her for treating her pet like..well… like one of us but hey, in my own honest opinion someone out there would wish he or she was your dog and experience such royalty treatment.. For me, you’re just simply throwing your money away. Here are legitimate reasons for splurging:
1. Buying an original cd of the Tribute to APO ” Kami nAPO muna”- hey! These guys are like icons of the music industry. They’re a living legend. Do yourself a favor, don’t buy pirated cd’s and give these guys a credit.I promise you will not end up in hell when you die. It only costs P300.00. Buying pirated audio and visual works of art degrades the artists, cheapens the entire industry and the whole country. ( Zealot! I am not!)
2.P 1, 500 worth of wardrobe. Times are hard I know, and if you’re one of those people who would rather die than to get caught wearing the same shirt that your coñotic friends have. Here’s a tip. Put on you’re Gucci-guccihan sun glasses, bring some moolah ($$$$) then ransack your nearest UK. But just a piece of advice please skip the underwear and lingerie section.I’m sure you won’t regret this. There are alot of good finds and it’ll make you want to burn you’re overpriced prada and whatstheirname designer chuvaness.
3. In the spirit of commaraderie, contribute to the LA MESA DAM preservation advocacy. If you cannot afford to be seen wearing one of those baller bands that they sell in your favorite coffee shop (starfcks). Gear up your thumb for mega-texting to the max to register. Each text is equivalent to one signature for their sig.- campaign against the scumbags that would like to build mansions in exchange of potable water in the entire metro manila. Bloody brilliant! Consume P500 worth of load or if you’re fabulously rich enough, what is unlimited texting to you anyway?! Think of this–What would your favorite frap be without our precious 100% putrified h2o…
If this does not push through.. All I can say is…Tata’ darlings, See you in the afterlife..Pray that there’s unlimited supply of Evian there.. I heard it’s rather parched in that side of the underworld…
for spamming-sake my co-worker forwarded me this e-mail.
· Think about yourself.
· Talk about yourself.
· Use “I” as often as possible.
· Mirror yourself continually in the opinion of others.
· Listen greedily to what people say about you.
· Expect to be appreciated.
· Be suspicious.
· Be jealous and envious.
· Be sensitive to comments about you.
· Never forgive a criticism.
· Trust nobody but yourself.
· Insist on consideration and respect.
· Demand agreement with your own views on everything.
· Sulk if people are not grateful to you for favours shown them.
· Never forget a service you have rendered.
· Avoid your duties if you can.
· Do as little as possible for others.”
For blogging purposes here is my take on this topic.
we are all schmucks. We continually undergo unique forms of self-flagellation. why? because instead of simplifying life, we like to make it complicated. The string of why and why nots is never ending and as the old saying goes, misery loves company. And we are a bunch of misery loving people because living without it would be pointless or perhaps boring. Try imagining utopia. There’s nothing to ask for. Everything is in place. Everything is on a dead end. Nothing to rant about. Everyone’s mushy, endorphines are on a surplus. It’s all pointless. Don’t you love it if you’re life is miserable. You wake up each day worrying about all the trivial things like what you’re outfit matches you’re newly handed-down shoes or whether you’re going to take a taxi and get held up by other miserable scums of the earth or huddle in a long line of mrt-riding schmucks as if you’re going to a rock concert. Yes, you’re clinging to yourself hoping to get in and out alive. And each day you continue to hope for hope’s sake that sometime in the near future everything will be changed and like sleeping beauty you’ll open your eyes and realize that”heck, what have i been doing all my life, it’s a good life!!’. You jump for joy and feel like doing a solo interpretative dance of “I will sing forever of youR Love o, Lord and so on”. Sadly that day has not come yet. And the list goes on and on..
Note to self: Make my own list of how to be miserable. I’m sure I could come up with a lot of ideas. And you my dear reader, do yourself a favor. Press the X button to end your misery. Adios amigos!

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