it’s a small world!: reloaded

Before i proceed with the main post, allow me to give you a recap of what happened during the weekend.I walked right out of my shift. Went home, grab a bite. Change into the castaway clothes that I’m fond of wearing and… I was good to go. Went to the venue, met up with the Jedi Master, an Elf, some startroopers but no losties to be was later in the day when people begun piling in our “station” Karen brought her laptop. we were able to show season 2.. We also have our usual displays like magazines, books and the like..The first members came in character too (Thanks, sabby, mika and rem! and Hi Rej! Thanks for being always perky!) We also have a newly converted lostie and look-a-like of KATE, Yan who came out of my coercion. Chris Cantada of sponge cola dropped by as well, had a little chat about the show and about their LOST-inspired song that Yael wrote, obviously they’re fans as well..

Isang patalastas..

Get a copy of their sophomore album TRANSIT, the title of the song is The Wandering.

Okay, back to our regular programming..All went well. Actually we’re still short in terms of active members. As the other group think, I pirate people from their group to hop into our ship..Well, that’s the point of alliances right?! sheez!
Anyhow, we’ll be having another event. This time we’d get to host a marathon at the Brash Young Cinema maybe this november. I’ll post the update once it’s all set. We’ll probably be showing a recap of season 2 and first 5 epis of season 3.
So there you go…Stay tuned. I’d post the photos as soon i have them

***ok here, goes****


***if the link doesn’t work… don’t blame me. I ain’t a techie!***Moving on the main post, still lost related though..Have you heard of the theory of centrality? No this is not, E= MC2, genius?!

Here’s how it works. Let me quote what Carlton Cuse said:

Have you ever sat next to someone at a bar and felt that your paths have crossed before? Has the thought ever crossed your mind that the stranger behind you at the store would become a sigificant part of your life? In 1929, a Hungarian writer (Frigyes Karinthy) put forth the idea that anyone of us could name any one person among the earth’s billions of inhabitants and through, at most 5 acquaintances, connect that person back to themselves. He called it “The Theory of Centrality”. Today it’s more commonly known as “Six-Degrees of Separation”.

Looking around, there’s a sea of people, in a subway station, the mall or anywhere at all. Have you ever wondered?

“Do you know any of them? Do any of them know you? Do any of them know someone you know? Odds are that the answer to anyone of these questions is yes. Perhaps they’ve crossed paths with you, or a loved one, years ago at work, at home, on a trip. Thoughout the world, connects are constantly being made. Which begs the question; are chance encounters a matter of coincidence, or a matter of fate? Open your eyes and look around you. Mathematically, in a world of billions, is the theory plausible? And if so, is it possible that seemingly random connections have significance? Are these meeting mere chance? Or could there be a larger picture that has yet to come into focus?”

Yup. The saying “it’s a small world” is true, brotha! I do believe in it. You know why? Here’s why. I’m not good with names. In fact, I am terrible when it comes to names. But I’m pretty good with faces though. There was this one time where I bumped into the same person for the entire day. First, we were riding in the same jeep, We walked across the same street. By lunch, we were in the same restaurant. On my way back from work, we were in the same train. What are the odds?! Nope, that person is stalking me. I don’t see an reason why I’d be stalked by this person. I hope we’re not meant to be coz’ it would be such a shame, we’d be having the same cup size and share the same brand of sanitary napkins. What significance will this multiple acquaintances make? The answer is.. I don’t know..yet.
Think about it.

I believe in this theory. Here’s my own version of LOST connections.
I have a cousin– Ate ting whose best friend is DIANE (Deejay, thanks for the correction. See, I told you I’m worst when it comes to names) the sister of TOM,my partner during her 18th birthday (the cotillion thing). He introduced me to his friends KIEL, JP and Joel. These guys were Faye’s school mates as well, Faye’s one of my friends whom I met during college. Tom and Tin is the cousin of Deejay, whom I’ve also met in college. Joel’s current gf is NYA2, nya2 is the sister of my friend, KATE. Kate has been my friend since high school. She was part of the group that I did not belong to until our second year in H/S. I was formally introduced to her other friends. Ariane, Faye, Emz and Rubs. Ariane’s one of my housemates right now. Small world, huh?
Here’s another example. Before me and my bff met, her parents used to live at the same compound that my mom’s family lived. In fact, her mom told me that when we were kids, she used to bring her along when she goes the bank where my mom is working. There was this one time that I was also there. We were introduced. but hey, I guess we were too young to remember. Her mom is the godmother of my cousin Wande.
I would love to post more but then again, this post will take me a few more months before it can be published. Plus, you’d probably kill me for making you read a post containing list of people i’ve met throughout my lifetime.

Here’s an advice. Why don’t you apply the 6 DEGREES of Separation theory and let’s see what will you come up with..
Meanwhile, all together now, “it’s a small world after all.” 5x


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