pre-halloween madness

written: 10/27/06

current music: CRAZY by Gnarls Barkley

curren mood: mental

Today I’m paranoid–paranoid about all sorts of things. First, I’ve misplaced my headset. My darn headset is like one of the most important things in my life right now. Not by choice but by necessity. All I can think right now is how to get it back. You see, it has never happened to me before but I guess there will always be a first time.

Now when I reported this to my sup, she got really pissed all hell broke loose from within her fragile body. Well, she has all the reason to summon apocalypse and to go berserk over me. Here’s my top three:

1. She’s always thought of me as someone who’d commit such stupid mistakes.

2.She has PMS.

3. She has bigger issues to attented to, bigger problems to solve like her gastritis or somethng.

Three reason why I love her to pieces. Well, if that is the case, to hell with my headset. I’ve got bigger problems to attend to like saving the world or something.

Here’s what makes me more paranoid. Last night, Dad texted me. He said he’s bringing my gramms to the doctor. He added, that i shouldn’t worry. She’s just probably under the weather. Maybe.. But the last time I heard those words was the day before my uncle died (2-3 months ago maybe) and when my mom died (almost a year from now). Of course, those are two different scenarios. I don’t mean harm against my dad. The thing is who wouldn’t get paranoid.. I think paranoia runs in the family. My mom was the most paranoid person I knew when it comes to family emergencies. Thanks for handing down the paranoid genes to me, ma… Well, I worry because Gramms is not that young as she looks. I’ve always get this weird feeling that the people I care most about gets handpicked by Mr. Fate himself and deports them to the great beyond. Yeah, I know.. Crazy. I’m so paranoid, I’m close to believing in SUKOB.. hahaha, pathetic isn’t..

Okay, this is madness, probably because halloween is just around the corner and there’s this thing called the “power of suggestion”. On second thought, let me look for my handset…life’s a bitch ain’t it..and so is my, gotta get going before armageddon comes.


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