Sometimes you run out of ideas, there are other times that you think you’ve been talking about yourself too much, and come to think of it… No one really cares about what you say or do because each has their own opinion and everyone is just too busy paying attention to whatever it is that you want to say.. But heck, thanks to blogging everyone has their own personal earth where we can create our own utopian dream slash fantasy, unload excess baggages or simply somewhere to throw in the towel. Lovely isn’t it? The best thing about this is that it’s for free. But here’s the thing. We’re here to talk about relationships. For me, they’re all over the place, it’s too overrated. What’s actually left to want are platonic ones. At least for me..Do you wonder why some relationships work out, while some don’t? Do you know how the universe was created? I’m sure you heard of supernova thing and the four elements too Fire, Air, Water and Earth?! You see, real relationships involves alot of chemistry and physics. It’s basically a science. Later on, you’ll know why there’s such thing as armageddon. And like every lab drama. Here’ s a story about four individuals who make each others’ lives as colorful as the rainbow and sometimes create chaos like the rush hour traffic..This is a story of friendship. This is chemistry 101.

Like every story, there is genesis. But let’s not go back from the very beginning. I mean that would just be TMI (Too Much Info for you). The first chapter is always about who the characters are.I don’t mean to typecast or anything. But that’s what usually happens during the first part, right?!




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~A.K.A.: Sexy Back

~is literally the head turner for being the tallest among the 4
~Thus the nickname Talons

~the Sosy high and fashion mentor

~FAVE FOOD: egg cracklets a.k.a. galletas


~HIDDEN TALENT: Ballroom Dancing

~ Motto: “Life is what you make it.”

~Sub-motto: “myTIME IS GOLD.”

~is afraid of IDENTIFIED FLYING ORGANISM a.k.a. ipis


~ secretly dreamed of joining the BIOMAN as the fuschia ranger

~has been a JOHN PRATTS fanatic since he has reached puberty

~is an occasional neat-freak (only when she is expecting a visit from her mom)

~PREVIOUS RACKETS: h/s majorette, the psych angel, earring and accessories designer extraordinaire


~To have an Elite School for the boys (only), wherein one of her first mandates is to replace the daily routine of flag ceremonies. Honoring the Philippine flag is a waste of time. To start the day right, each class will perform (production-number-like performance) to entertain..who else but..her.

~Sunday school will be replaced by her worship day. Students are obliged to offer themselves during the offertory.
~It thus, safe to concluded that, narcissistic tendencies are exhibited by the subjectPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting


~Alias: “Cass Ponti”

~derived from the word “Tom Cat” (i-google mo na lang ang meaning. Clue: Don’t take things literally)

~Rebel high and resident bad girl

~FAVE FOOD: Tuna Sandwich with cheese whiz

~HIDDEN TALENT: Lap Dancing (?)


~TRIVIA: She once fell off the rOof ..and survived..

~is the corporate slave by day, femme fatale by night

~believes that smoking cures asthma

~can be a total slob but is an excellent cook

~speaks fluent english…when drunk.

~feasts her eyes on FHM, MAXIM and the like and applies what she’ve learned.

~abhors boys (not?!?!)

~secretly dreams of becoming DR. MARGIE HOLMES
~exhibits nephomanic episodesPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting

** ToNi

~Epitomizes Gluttony thus the alias “Tony”

~The brainy high and ultimate neat-freak

~ HIDDEN TALENT: Power Dancing

~Motto: “True love waits.”

~Submotto: “Patience is a virtue”
~An excellent cook with a HUGE appetite
~ Has the mood, predictable as the weather
~Holds the house-record for taking the longest bath
~ Secretly dreams of becoming a belly dancer one day
~Feasts her eyes on chic lit and Grisham’s courtside drama
~ Sometimes exhibit autistic tendencies accompanied with a slight eating disorder

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**Tutti Frutti

~Has the Sweetest tooth, thus the nickname Tutti Frutti
~Fave Food: Sweet stuff thus claiming to be the “Sugar High” of the group
~Hidden talent: Ballet Dancing
~Motto: Carpe Diem
~Sub-motto: Life’s a Bitch…and so are we?!
~Closet poet and frustrated writer
~Self-confessed gothic wannabe.
~ Therefore, Black is not her favorite color
~Exhibits: Hypergraphia, Mood Disorders often leading to Procrastination

And now you wonder.. How was the universe created and why was it created with this individuals living in it?

..to be continued

**Real names undisclosed for security purposes
art credits: Marta Dahlig


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