bargain trip!

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‘Sinong marunong pumunta,pwede ba ‘kong sumama….dvsoria, dvsoria, dvsoria…’

I had a long week.

I mean, I felt like I haven’t sleep in days.

By the way, I survived 168, last saturday. Kudos! After my shift we went straight to the busy, crowded and dare I say overpopulated divisoria, where the 168 and Tutuban malls are. FYI, I drank two bottles of Lipovitan Ira (Lite) to keep me up and running. This is the ultimate journey to an unchartered territory. For the first time, we went to the flea market. And literally, there are fleas. The traffic was so horrible. But I guess, Manila wouldn’t be Manila without migraine-causing traffic jams. Thanks to Lipovitan, I did not turn into a moody-wreck (not that much, at least).See the picture, I’m still on sugar-high.

The thing is the traffic was not the problem. Navigating through a sea of people was the most challenging part of our trip. But we’ve already expected that. We’ve psyched ourselves out, to hope for the best and expect for the worst

The whole trip was planned from the “what to wear” to “how in the world are we going to get out of there”.

Dress not to impress. You’re not going to a fashion show,dearie. We didn’t want to lure kidnappers or hold-uppers towards our direction. Use comfortable clothes and footwear. It is advisable not to use slippers or sandals lest you still have an extra money for foot spa. The key is to be as toned-down as possible,so as not to attract any of the possible suspects.

Where to put the moolah? Piece of advice, no need to show off your Girbaud wallet or your Prada purse. Use your pocket. As much as possible do not store your money in one secured place. Since the dawn of the 21st century, thieves have already mastered the art of pick-pocketing.. You can’t afford to loose all of what you’ve earned by being plain stupid. Use your nutcase. Spread the benjamins, in all corners of your body. If you can hide the money in between your cleavage, by god, do so!

Consume an ample amount of energy drink. You’ll need all the strength and sanity to rummage the whole jungle of cheap buys.

Stick to your friends or to whoever you are with, if you’re not that good in directions.

Stick to your list. No need to expound. Just please buy what’s in the darn list.

Shop like there is tomorrow. Stick to your budget. Remember that when you die, this things will be left behind. Don’t let Satan catch you holding on to those, sack of clothes you got for only 500 pesos.

I have realized that when it comes to shopping, nothing is impossible. People will always find their way to get their money’s worth even if they have to bump and grind along the way. It really is like you’re in a bump car. I keep on running into different people from every direction. People from all walks of life.

There is a melting pot of the the entire Filipino population. Name it, they have it,even pregnant women. I mean immensely-pregnant-about-to-give-birth-type. It’s almost hysterical. So you see, it’s an accomplishment to even get out from that place in one piece. Even though, you’ve only gotten two or three things for yourself and the rest would be divided among your whole clan. It’s still worth a pat in the back.

Starvation, cramps, and what’s that smell?! Yes, it’s not a joy ride, baby. The real world isn’t a walk in the park. I was shoved, pushed, bumped into and people react as if I’ve molested them. With such sweat-inducing heat, temper tantrums are definitely inevitable.

We started at our 11am and got out by 7pm. We had alot of carry-ons.. and by the time that we’re about to take lunch, I was already asking the waiter to carry me towards our table. O well, it was all worth it. Experience is still the best teacher. Hahaha!

Truly, it was a very triumpant day. The turn out was that we have accomplished something, a.) we made it all by ourselves, b.) we got out in one piece (w/ Raph’s help of driving us back to our place–coz we don’t have enough patience and strength to commute with such a load to carry), c.) we maximized our budget and d.)hopefully will make our love ones happy this christmas.

One more thing, I was still able to go to work later that evening. I wasn’t even late! Ha!

And you think it’s over?!

Next stop, Greenhills Midnight Market.

photo credits: Anne Princess Villafania


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