I got questions.Do you have the answers?

I got some questions. I don’t know if you have some answers.Very recently Typhoon Durian came and took lives. Question? Why the 3rd poorest region in the country? Why let them die in misery? Why these people? I believe that things happen for a reason. But I just don’t get this? I’d be a hypocrite if I don’t admit that sometimes, my faith with Him is in doubt. Innocent lives have been taken. And for what? Redemption? Deliverance? Is this a form of debt that we will be paying for those of us who lay comfortably in our beds, tucked and secured that one night when dreams were shattered and hope was robbed from their families. Is the end of days near? Tsunamis, back to back weather disturbances, high inflation and unemployment rate, corruption, pollution, depression. Truly,this is hell, in this side of the world. Hell is on earth.


You work you a** off thinking that you have given your 110%. Yet, there is something lacking. The lack of appreciation–the lack of a simple pat in the back, the cold air of dismissal and pure rejection. You have to admit. You are stubborn at times but you never neglected your responsibilities. You have simply done your part. At least in your own little way. Question? Can you squeeze blood from a stone?


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