Can I get a Raincheck?!

So many things to write about.. so little time.. Got myself into this tiny black hole. Let me tell you it’s sipping right through my brain. I can’t write!?! Alert the armory! I’m brain dead. I simply can’t write for the past few days.

And now, I’m back with vengeance. First off, thanks to my mommy, not my real mom, my kris kringle mom, whoever you are being very generous and for always leaving me with something to unwrap every friday!! One love!! In fairness, may taste ka. Aah love et!?! I love your gifts. You’re so thoughtful!

Ok, back to business.The holidays are just around the corner.Everyone’s busy trying do some last-minute Christmas shopping. Talking about all the Christmas rush just make me nauseous.
Speaking of nausea, recently we went to the World Trade Center World Bazaar to do some of our late minute deals with the devils. Boy, I got one major head spin. There are a lot of trinkets and cute stuff from every stall. I even got my ever-sought-for sweat shirt.Thanks, Bax!

I’m almost done. I have to say, I’m having trouble finding a gift for my dad. He wants this music book which is so freaking hard to find. It’s like looking for a needle in a hay stack. Come’on!

I used to like holidays. I guess when you get older you find it really nostalgic.. or probably the word is depressing. This time the tables have been turned and…it’s your turn to wrap gifts.In my case, I let my friends do the wrapping. I’m the worst gift wrapper in the planet. I do the scotch tape cutting instead. Thanks friends, I owe you guys big time!! When you’re employed you are obliged to buy the gifts as in from your own paycheck. Hahaha. It nice too that now it’s your turn to make people happy even though you’re not sure if they’d really appreciate the things that you’ve given.

Like in our office, our whole team has this kris kringle thing going on. For 4 consecutive fridays you have to give a gift (something soft, something long and hard, something unique and something from the wish list of your “baby”) and on top of that our micro team also had our own k.k. In short, goodbye Christmas bonus!

I thought I’d regret joining.. but hey, I’m a team player. Way back, I have several bad kris kringle experiences. When I was in my 5th grade. I got 2 small hankies in our exchange gift. And that was in exchange for what?!! My mom bought a cute notebook and a matching pen and pencil case. Great?! So now, I kind of expected the worst when it comes to that. I even expected that I won’t receive any gift at all. But hey, I guess the tables have been really turned to the max.

In our micro team, I wished for this:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

It’s the RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS’ latest album. Thanks Ice!!! I got exactly what I wished for.

And yet..I’m sad. I won’t be able to go home.. and I’m bit guilty not spending the holidays with my family. My lola will kill me! haha. But anyways, they’re on the top of my list. Speaking of list… I have a short wishlist. I’m post that later. I’ll miss the reunion too. My mom’s family have this tradition. This is the second time that I’ll miss the reunion. I guess I better get used to it.

I think this will be the saddest Christmas. After what happened to my hometown, it’s just traumatic. Some towns will not be able to light their Christmas trees, no lanterns to hang, only a couple of candles to brighten their cold nights.

Speaking of cold nights, I’ll be spending my Christmas eve at the office. Yup, bummer huh?! O well, what is sacrifice?!

So you ask me, how will I spend my holidays?!

Here’s my answer: Can I just get a raincheck?


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