surviving christmas

Like I said the holidays are depressing. Once it’s over you’ll feel like shit. Yup. It’s hard to get back to reality. It’s hard to face the fact that yup, everyone gained a pound or two and that your cholesterol level has deviated from the normal. Welcome to sugar crash. Welcome to the world of hangover, alkazeltsers, and scattered gift wrappers in your backyard. If you don’t have a backyard maybe in your sala. Welcome back to work. Wipe off that silly Christmas grin in your face. Back to slavery. Haha. So, how did I spent my holidays? Away from my family yet it wasn’t that bad. I had fun. I was with my friends. No one got drunk yet we sounded one. We sang our hearts out–videoke style Yup, we sounded wasted alright. But it wasn’t bad at all..It’s nice to be part of somebody else’s family reunion. I’d missed mine. Perhaps, my own family will disown me for not attending our usual tradition. And yup, I feel a bit guilty for not exerting enough effort to make it. It’s just not going to be the same without my mom. Reunions will no longer be complete with only me representing my family. I know, my cousins flew all the way from States to be with us. And they have the right to feel bad about me being a party pooper. But the melancholia is just as overwhelming as the Queso de Bola in our refrigerator. I know I’d miss the gift-giving part which is of course everyone’s favorite part. But hey, it will no be the same again. Everything has changed. I know I’d get used to it someday.So anyway, I know I’m being too dramatic. We don’t need waterworks. We need fireworks and champagne! Speaking of which lets have a commercial break shall we?

Please watch SUPER NOYPI! It’s one of the entries for the Metro Manila Film Festival by Regal Films. Why am I promoting it? Guess what… Nope, I’m not a Mark Herras fan neither of Sandra Fart’s. It’s Geebo Digital’s debut! What’s Geebo? It’s Raph’s very own!! Who’s Raph?! Raphael Garcia!!! Arianenini’s honey!! Ok, getting cheesy here. But anyways, yup!! Special effects and animation by Ateneo de Naga’s finest animators!! Standing ovation please!!! So once again, Super Noypi in theaters near you!

Cheers to Geebo for their SUPER Debut!!

Ok, back to our regular programming, the holidays even though they make me nauseous and brain dead never fails to leave a smile on my face. It’s a week full of love and as the song goes.. “Give love on Christmas day”. Remember it’s the thought that counts, though the dough that comes from your own paycheck also matters. Looking forward to next year’s racket. Maybe out of town. Maybe outer space. Who knows? Anything is possible as long as I can survive the nostalgia.


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