Morsels of Infinite Wisdom

1. I am amused by how stupidity can be displayed in such a fashionable and effortless manner.2. I loathe to be somewhere else .Somewhere where silence is divine. Somewhere where serenity reigns yet there is network!

3. I have yet to master the art of failing for it is in failure that you learn to dust yourself off or wipe the frown from your disheveled face. It is in failure that you get the strength to push harder, reach higher and scream louder. Failure gives you several ways to give up. Options are limitless.

4. Procrastination is the best defense to your fear of moving forward.

5. I lie. I cheat. Who doesn’t? Even the Saints did. Don’t be a hypocrite. It ain’t pretty.

6. I have no new year’s resolution. It’s overrated.

7. I intend to keep the new angsty self and left the old, rusty one behind.

8. Santa doesn’t exist. Satan…yes. He resides in the MALL.. Waaaaahhhhh!!!!

9. The best things in life…where are they? Point me to it’s direction,please.

10. The worst thing about beLIEve is LIE. Learn to read between the lines, brotha. Thanks to you, Gelo!

Have a wonderful New Year, to you all!


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