BRING IT ON, 2007!!

Hmmmp.. reality check.. Let’s take a look at my life so far..I’ve lived to see

2 Popes
4 Presidents

lived in
4 different houses make this one i’m staying in my 5th

played chess and basketball but never got into any varsity and such

won 4 major elections but always hated politics

watched over 450 movies and counting

listened to over 1, 500 songs and counting (from rock to nursery rhymes)

got hooked to 50 t.v. shows and counting..

been to places as far as Boracay and as near as your next restroom

written on, printed and thrown over a 1.0 mil. sheets of paper to which every tree is accounted for

bled over 0.5 mil of pens scribbling thoughts only 67 of which converted into poetry the rest may have been school notes, letters,journals, or merely vandals

and the numbers kept on increasing..

We only have one life. Cats have nine. I don’t get the point. Why do they have nine when in this lifetime, we humans don’t get a lot of chances. Although every year we do get a chance to make things right if not better. I don’t know why not all of us don’t use that chance. Maybe they’re more confident than a lot of us are. They think they got all the time in the world. One life. Limited chances. Unlimited options.

Bring it on, 2007! It ain’t the movie. Life isn’t. Hope we learn to take the right chances if not the better ones.


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