Are You One of Us?

Last christmas..No hearts were broken, no other body parts got mangled except for yup… the one on top.. our brain. Ariane’s bro while in the middle of our drinking session brought up a piece of paper containing 33 items of MENSA Brainteasers. Five of us in the dining table excluding the bro..5 incapacitated booze and by.. well…mental capacity itself perhaps were bombarded with those items. As you all know MENSA is an organization for the gifted.. not for the special people including myself but for the mentally gifted..

Want a shot?

Here goes: (copied in verbatim)

You have to work on what the letters mean. See No, 0 as an example. According to MENSA, if you get 19+, you are a “genius”. Only 2 MENSA Members achieved full marks. See how well you do.Scoring: 1 to 5 is average, 6-11 is somewhat intelligent, 12-18 intelligent 19+ genius

0.) 24 H in a D 24 Hours in a Day
1.) 26 L of the A
2.) 7 D of the W
3.) 7 W of the W
4.) 12 S of Z
5.) 66 B of the B
6.) 52 C in a P (W Js)
7.) 13 S in the U S F
8.) 18 H on a G C
9.) 39 B of the O T
10.) 5 T on a F
11.) 90 D in a R A
12.) 3 B M (S H T R)
13.) 32 is the T in D F at which W F
14.) 15 P in a R T
15.) 3 W on a T
16.) 100 C in a R
17.) 11 P in a F (S) T
18.) 12 M in a Y
19.) 13 is U F S
20.) 8 T on a O
21.) 29 D in F in L Y
22.) 27 B in the N T
23.) 365 D in a Y
24.) 13 L is a B D
25.) 52 W in a Y
26.) 9 L of a C
27.) 60 M in an H
28.) 23 P of C in the H B
29.) 64 S on a C B
30.) 9 P in S A
31.) 6 B to an O in C
32.) 1000 Y in a M
33.) 15 M on a D M C


Clue: It could be anything under the sun, brother. I mean anything. It’s good for people who are well-read as well as for those we can call natural geniuses (street-smart people). After all, MENSA is for all gifted people from all walks of life..

What are you waiting for? Grab pen and paper or open a notepad and answer away.

Conclusion: Dare I say, I had the worst brain drain ever. And yup, 5 heads are better than one. So if you’d combine all these 5 grey matters, you got yourself a genius! So, are you one of us??

Don’t feel bad if you’re alone in this endeavor. After all who are the top 2% in this population, the likes of Sharon Stone to name one..and who else? I have no idea.

Yup, I’m no genius! Heck, who gives?? But surely I can come up with intellectually stimulating questions like:

When will Orlando Bloom?
Why is Norman Black?
Does Jennifer Love Hewitt?

Yup, it sucks.. But that’s life.

Congratz to you Aya Jun2 and Raph, kayo mga tinaguriang PINOY GENYO!!


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