bloody hell

Q:Name 1 or more uncomfortable situation(s) you’ve been into???

1. Knowing that your pants is drenched in spots of blood coz dammit it’s your first day and you were careless enough not to change. You were in a hurry to get home and You were uber confident and in the “it-has-never-and-it-will-never-happen-to me mode”. Facing the fact that you’re dead meat. Public humiliation at its best.
2. Knowing that you can no longer do anything about the fact that you’re in a moving vehicle and getting out would be an act of suicide.
3. Realizing that stupidity can be displayed in such effortless manner. You cover your behind with your sling bag as you scamper away praying that no one would notice your predicament.
4. Realizing that you no matter how hard you try you cannot play smooth criminal and get yourself out of one of the most embarrassing experiences yet..

what a way to start the year! way to go! bravo!!

Lesson learned:

Follow the girl scouts’ motto. Always be prepared. Wear a diaper next time. It may be uncomfortable but at least not as uncomfortable as this bloody experience.

here’s a bloody mary..



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