sunday mornings

i’m not a fan of sundays. yup it is sabbath day. not for me. yes, we have to go to mass. not me. smite me lord for not doing my obligation. smite me for whining during your own rest day. smite me for ranting on a sunday morning. the reason why i hate sundays…well.. on sundays, that our day. i am particularly assigned to scrubbing the floor cinderella style.. i’m not a filthy heaten. I like our place to be squeaky clean. i can be oc.. but not always.. but just imagine after your shift you’ll do the darn cleaning.. it ain’t pretty.hehe.yes it’s every sunday that we do get to regret why we moved out of our parents’ house..away from being pampered by our parents..close to being robbed in a middle of nowhere.. close to paying bills, close to becoming on the verge of having an insanely independent life. yup, sunday sucks.. hey, maybe i should change my blog to “everything sucks”. yup, i always whine..yup..yup.yup. you may get tired of hearing my rants and stuff. and I know that it’s a new year.. like i said, resolutions are overrated.. another reason why i hate sundays is because it’s the day before monday. when i was still schooling it’s like the last day you’d be able to bum around. when i was in college.. i hardly had the time to be a bum.. sundays are like any other day. sunday mornings sucks specially when it’s really early.. you get this nostalgic and lazy feeling at the pit of your stomach.. like the feeling of going to sunday school or to some other obligation like club meetings or finishing school projects, beating deadlines. The worst part is having the thought of waking up on a monday morning. It like swallowing a bitter pill. The open arms of slavery welcomes you back to it’s suffocating embrace,melodramatic, I know. and i’m making such a big deal out of it. coz that’s what i always do..on sunday mornings

2 thoughts on “sunday mornings

  1. fortunately, i always look forward to sundays. i get to sing in the choir and get to play volleyball. i go home tired and have no chance to dread that the next time i wake up will be monday. then i realize that we are indeed slaves.<>ranting keeps us sane.<>;-P

  2. god, it’s just now that i realize there are comments in my blog.. i guess the comment moderation was enabled.. hahaha.. darn it! i’m such a techno idiot!yeah.. i miss the old days but o well..

    ang masasabi ko lang.. i rant. therefore, i am

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