i am restless!!

it’s been awhile since i blogged.. yeah like 10 minutes ago.. what have i been doing?? the previous post was supposed to be posted a week ago.. i was just..procrastinating?? a lot of things on my mind.. my IJAF (Internal Job Application Form). Our company have different openings for new positions, a chance to widen my social circle and be in a different work environment… if only, i’m not stubborn and anti-social *at times*. i’m crossing my fingers and toes for this.. but what ever happens.. shit will always happen..

so while taking my mind off things, i decided to reconstruct this trusty old blog.. talk about diversion.. but still…

i have a gazillion things in mind.. these applications, the rodcon, the summer escapade.. and yes i attended the UP job fair too, last 25th.. I volunteer as an HR Recruitment Officer for a day… Me and Ice volunteered actually right after our wednesday shift.. we went straight to the busy UP campus.. in the hopes of.. selling the company.. yup, it was like poaching.. subtle poaching of a pool of fresh young fishes.. about to take a bite at reality.. reality bites back, i told them. so better hop right on to our ship.. hehe.. o well, we were really tired by the end of the day. my back was screaming like hell and yes, 48 hours of non-stop talking is pretty nerve-wrecking…. i was beginning to sound mentally retarded by the time that we had our lunch. and yes, it could be a possible symptom of neurosis.. good grief!

we had like 3 hours of sleep and went back to the office. ice was nice enough to bring me to her pad. it was just near the office. after the job fair, we just simply head on home and hit the sack.. man, the things you do for the sake of… well, just for experience sake… and it’s UP.

speaking of UP, UP Dharma Down will be performing in the upcoming READ or DIE Convention.
it’s something to look forward to.. and maybe more sleepless days and nights for this..

i simply need a vacation… ay, caramba!

once again.. we’ll hit the blue waves and white sandy shoreline of bora.. we’re planning the trip as early as.. now.. i’ve applied my leave already…

i’m also thinking of going home this march..

hmmm.. lots of things to do.. waaaahhhh!!

i’m so restless! like literally.


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