wanted: sperm donor?

o yeah.. like it’s shocking! we’re all adults here. aren’t we?

i like seeing babies. babies that coo, babies that yawn and stretch. i like babies. babies not kids. kids are too rowdy for me. they tend to tire me. i simply like watching innocence at its best. babies, i damn envy them. their skin so fair, so smooth, so fragrant. they sleep mostly 24 our a day. nothing to do. eat, sleep and listen to their mother’s lullaby, or perhaps eavesdrop to their parents’ discussions.snob their relatives or pee on unwanted visitors. ah, what a life. moving on,


In terms, of reproduction (human that is) it is a general notions that 1+1= 1 not 2 unless you’ll be having twins or if you get too generous 5. To replicate our good genes is essential to pass our distinct traits and to perhaps achieve world domination. Nowadays, we have a lot of a cases of unwanted reproduction and abortion too. I don’t know why there’s sudden change of hormonal imbalance in humans. it’s very alarming. perhaps, because of those V rated movies or perhaps out of our pandora’s box syndrome. Remember, curiosity did not kill the cat but it simply caused multiple mutations.


The point is, the basis of today’s overpopulation is this–our brains have been dislocated. It’s no longer on top of the skull as the seat of wisdom. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it lies in between our crotch. tsk tsk tsk. And as much as we want to maximize our ability to increase in number, we must also be concerned with how to go about raising those little parasites. Not a moral zealot here, but o well, you can throw in the rocks anytime, if it makes you happy. pardon the sarcasm, i think i’ve been watching HOUSE M.D. too much.


Moving on, I know that as of now that I am not the relationship-type of person. And as per DNA replication, I am very much concerned in my mate’s genetic make up. Genes-wise, I would like the following to be attributed to the possible donor:


1. humor gene- i know there is no such term as the humor-gene. I just want an offspring that is genetically-endowed w/ infectious laughter and that he or she has razor sharp mind and is able to come up witty jokes. It may not be as good as impromptu or stand-up comedians but o well… we can only hope but not expect.


2. savant or idiot.- of course, who wants an idiot. maybe an idiot savant would do. less is always more. I know, i.q. is not always in the genes.. or maybe it is..


3.must not have the faulty-heart, hypertension or perhaps demented perception of reality- either way, i don’t want it the offspring to possess both dominant traits. too much of something is always bad.. look at Frankenstein or Freud perhaps.

bottom line, i’m not that good in genetics, the whole nature versus nurture took its toll on me in my psych 101 class, nor is this a desperate cry to be saved from single hood.. it’s just one of those days when your hormones got whacked and perhaps because it’s a Monday.

i’m becoming redundant to.. an indication of possible mutations, the repeated use of the word “perhaps” for one.. tsk tsk tsk

better yet, maybe i should pay my baby niece a visit. babies have a calming effect on me.. they’re like chamomile.



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