back to basics

in preparation for our summer escapade, we’re going back to the BASICS.. this means that you’ll eat thrice a day. or if possible go on hunger strike to achieve the athlete-like, sculpted physique or if worse comes to worst, anorexic beauty that only in my liquid dreams exists. yes, i believe that this sentence is too long. it can either be a run-on or a fragment..moving on

part of the back-to-basics program is to cut down in our condo and miscellaneous expenses meaning, no air-con for a month, or perhaps only when necessary. To further expound, the usage of this device is for emergency purposes only–this is when the room temperature reaches 40’C or if the water in the refrigerator reaches boiling point. I think that it’s highly unlikely so most probably, we won’t me able to use the aircon until summer..

another inclusion is the one-nightout-per-month practice which.. i doubt it will be followed. boredom kills along with hunger strike.

no shopping or mall sprees, no pig-outs, or drinking binge.

let the dieting, saving (money) and bitching begin.
wish me and the housemates luck.

see you all in the afterlife.


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