the anti-man

he called me a man hater.. does that mean that I hate humans? or do i just hate men– as in the women with balls?

My officemate shouted.. “Joyce.. man hater!” and so i retorted that that I’m not a man hater, I just hated him. And that he shouldn’t generalize coz it ain’t nice. hekhekhek

I am not an anti-man. in fact, i do love men. I have a number of testosterone-induced idols. it’s just that i hate the manly ways of men.

In general, I call the manly ways of the man as being the A in ASSHOLE. The inconsiderate, distant, emotionally-detached and boys-don’t-cry mentality. on the other hand, the effeminate side can be more irritating and can rouse nervous breakdown in our part.

Is it because I am single? The typecast is pathetic. Just because I am not in a romantic relationship it doesn’t mean that I have some sort of hatred towards men.

I am not an anti-man. I’m just hmm.. I have some sort of deficiency in romantic relationships. I feel awkward, like a kid. Okay, call it immature maybe. I just can’t imagine myself being mushy, with all the puppy-dog eyes, and saying “baby” or “honey”. I’ll probably melt into oblivion, if i get caught saying those damned words.. it’s just not normal to me.

i am abnormal. maybe i have this invisible shield against cupid’s arrow or some sort of potion against love spells or maybe a Norton scanner against the love bug.. o hell, it’s too early for my valentines post. God, everywhere i turn I see red. Red roses, boxes with heart-shaped chocolates. teddy spare me. I’m getting nauseous.

by the way, my housemate will join the speed dating thing. this is something to look forward to ladies and gentlemen. and we thought that internet dating was enough.. i guess love sucks talaga dude, pare, chong.



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