VENTillation and other tales of the distressed

i guess it must be the hormones. i’m capable of really long rants and raves every once a month when the jeepers creepers pays me a visit.let me self-destruct for 10 seconds or so.. just don’t make me watch those mushy movies during that time coz i’ll probably end up pulling my hair one by one.

let me just burn the holes in the paper that my fiery pen is causing.. let me write it. it’s better. it’s more calming.. it’s therapeutic.

man, sometimes I really wish I was a man so that i won’t get so annoying , emotional, moody or pimple-stricken and more dysfunctional than ever every month.. i can’t even spell dysmenorrhea.


>>> the shout box is not working’s freaking useless again.. where the hell are those cookies?? and why have i deactivated them?? the hell! am i getting dumber at work ? or am i just simply naive.. i guess blogrollers, just use the comment box in the meantime. if you cannot post a shout in that useless thing..


back and forth, i’m contemplating on leaving.. leave or swap. I need to be LOST again..Feb 10 somebody please swap with me. I need to catch up from hiatus…waaaahhh

i need a week of marathon. i need to just sit in front the tv or watch a dvd of my fave series. plus i want to watch HEROES, HOUSE M.D., GREY’S ANATOMY, PRISON BREAK !! aaahhh.


Brain Power! I need to READ or I might DIE. Yup, I attended the read or die con.. Uber! (i’ll try to post the pics later!) The place was swimming in books.. It was simply a piece of heaven on a patch of earth. Too bad, I’m uber nagtitipid. I was tempted to go book shopping.. waaaah, powerbooks was there, and booktopia too. I saw those books I’ve been dying to read and those that I had I hard time finding.. ah, caramba! sacrifice! we are all on a diet… diet from even spending money…on books…

this is so distressful.

let me cry in my sleep. damn this hormones!


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