Guys, here are some reasons why you’ll stay single….for good Please don’t try this… ever..


guy: excuse me… miss..

girl: yes?

guy: miss.. keyboard ka ba?

girl: huh?

guy: KEYBOARD ka ba?? kasi TYPE kita.

example 2

guy to girl: miss.. hindi tayo TAO, hindi tayo, HAYOP… BAGAY tayo

example 3

guy: miss.. hindi ka ba napapagod ?

girl: saan… bakit??

guy: kasi kagabi ka pa tumatakbo sa aking isipan..

YUP. undeniably cheesy and corny. Thanks BJ. Just some of the gazillion pick up lines that you have thrown, got stuck to my mind…and made us all nauseous, disoriented and hungry. Thanks for the effort though. Even if non of them really work, you still get an A for being unbelievably trying-hard.

do pick up lines really work??


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