post-valentines notes

as promised, i’ll give you a heads up on what happened to my friend who got into this social experiment called… speed mating… i mean dating… as i recalled, she said it was a different experience and that i should try it.. and maybe i would if i want to scare the entire male species away.. bwahahaha… world domination people! let’s not forget my mission here. anyhow, she was able to mingle with 10 “single” men.. mix and match.. among all the 10 she was able to narrow it down to 3.. coz only 3 of the male species rouse her interest. clearly, she’s very picky. N.B.S.B just like me.. it was fun,she liked mingling and flirting with the boys after all that was part of the whole plan… how does this whole speed dating thing work? basically after the whole rendezvous you get to rate each person.. if both pick each other… it means that you’re meant have another round … and perhaps be on the road to tying the knot or something…

but it’s ok, we are not like in a hurry or something.. my friend’s really… hhhmmmm, how shall i say it… meticulous.. he has to be a real gem.. a precious gem that would simply solve poverty and incontinence.. sadly that gem has not been found yet… but not to despair, the quest is not yet over… you haven’t seen the last of the speed-dating-frenzy!!!


so yes, yesterday was valentines.. and we’re all peculiarly smothered in hear-shaped stuff,bloody red was the theme… and i thought christmas was over.. people were swarmed by imaginary bees because of their overflowing displays of unnecessary sweetness and affection. yup, it became pretty ugly….

i spent the day bumming around the house.. i had my mini-marathon…but before that,early morning, I sent my dad a valentine greeting. Later, he replied. ‘Thanks. Who’s this?’

Annoyingly painful realization: My dad never did store my new number. He only recognizes my text when it has Dad or Daddy at the beginning of the message. haha. Umbag!

And so I asked.. Duh? It was me and why didn’t he recognize it was me. And he replied.. “Weird ang phone mo” Yeah, right dad. Happy Valentines to you too.

So I let the day pass… watching, enjoying a good laugh out of House’s 2pm i received a text message…

“Joyz..whatchadoin?” said my friend

I said I was watching.


I said ” ANo?” If, it involves going out, NO”

“Dai na lugod. Kami na lang ni Princess ( Nevermind, I’ll just ask Princess.)

Ano nga? (What is it?)

“Sabi mo abo mo.” ( You said you can’t do it)

I said yup, that’s what favors are for. Even if you don’t really want to do it,you end up doing it anyway coz after all you’re doing her a favor. Favors are errands.

So she said…if I could buy her honey 1 red rose and half-dozen Krispy Kreme…

Yup. Coz that what friends do.. They cover each other’s asses. And being a friend, being a loyal friend that is.. you’ll set aside the whole movie marathon all for the sake of love..So there…another LUV SUX moment.

Text messaging should be band during BALENTIMES! Hehe

Later that evening, the rest of the housemates were invited by the “ultimate honeys” to join them in their dinner date, they kind of figure that they ordered way too much for them so they need a hand to finish the entire Entre’e..Half way through dinner we had shared our own ghost stories which is very timely..i guess .. and one of our house mates announced an unexpected news… which i’d rather share later…

Much later that evening.. at work, my officemate Joeff said I look different, and that he liked my style…He preferred to dubbed it as the “anti-christ look”

I don’t know if it was a compliment or not. I took it anyway, either way. I still look COOL..


So there, I guess valentines was too overrated for me.. and I am not exaggerating..



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