something to celebrate about

my blog is two years old, last feb. 22. (applause). let’s review shall we? more or less i have shed a lot of skin, no reader’s choice awards yet or something.. still pumping angst ever since i started blogging.. what more to expect..more rants, more action…spreading the word for blog domination cannot be attained over night.. so far i’ve shared most of my ups and downs, the perks and pains of living in the metro, my vendetta against my superior, my life’s a bitch motto.. basically, all the good material for my own tv show perhaps.. but i guess, ratings would stink, after the pilot. this doesn’t get any better than this. we’re all caught up in our daily existence. we get tired of life but we never get tired of writing how much it makes us miserable. to add to the dilemma, i’m considering shifting gears..

i’m being offered a new job.. something beneath the super human expectations that my current job requires me. it’s a normal job.. normal corporate job, which is why i am brain dead as of now.. i can’t really function well.. decisions, decisions… this thing is i think i had this coming since i already have second thoughts with this job that i have.. what a perfect timing? if, i consider this new job, i’ll start from scratch..if, i don’t then i’m still a scratch building my own career in the field that i am in.. what are the perks of leaving my job? a normal life.better career opportunities . But practicality enters the scene. Will it help me pay my dues? Maybe enough to keep me anchored. What are the perks in staying? better lifestyle, well-adjusted environment, the people i’m with, staying in my comfort zone… which is rather stagnant and self-defeating don’t you think?
how will i experience growth? at this point, i think i may have reach my decision but then again reality comes into play plus i do make things complicated.. they’ve only given my up to Monday to decide.

so should i stay or should i go?

If yes, text STAY to 2332 for globe and tm users and 233 for smart and tnt users
If no, text GO to 2332 for globe and tm users and 233 for smart and tnt users

The verdict will be given on Monday. What are you waiting for? TEXT na!

so here’s something to celebrate about, the rise and fall of the graveyard shifter.

cheers everyone!


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