the verdict is in

martin scorscesi was hailed with his academy-acclaimed flick “the departed”, britney spears is confirmed to be loosing her marbles and i am now turning in my sneakers for a pair of pumps…kill me now!

i guess, after deliberate suicidal attempts to weigh things, career v.s. financial freedom….no one says you can have both.not in this side of town, i guess. i mean, it doesn’t happen to all of us. i think things will work out fine..things will fall into place sooner or later.. i’ll miss a lot of people from work namely:

ICE– the rockin’ chef slash kickass gf who never gets tired of pouring her heart out over lunch. I’ll miss the cajun chicken and the pasta stuff you always share with me and gelo..and you of course..You’ve always been really sweet.

GELO– the snob, the quiet-type, scam-er of an agent, who’ve always really been the nice guy. i’ll miss the jessica zafra books you lend me and our sarcastic overturns. and ok, i’ll admit that you are smarter than all of our brains shredded into pulp. I’ll miss sharing all those bitterness and listening to the office gossip, specially your issues with you know who.. hahaha.. i can keep a secret

GIL– the crazy mudda, hip-hop rapper wannabe. i’ll miss seeing your tattooed leg, and singing FUTURE by Dicta License and Urbandub with you. I’ll miss how you always say “sup, my niggah?!” hehe.. gangsta ka talaga.

MOMMY MITCH– my fave sup! not the one i have a vendetta against believe me. she’s super sweet!! I’ll miss how you always call me JOYCEE

THEA– buntis! I guess I would be able to attend your wedding reception or see you after you give birth..

ROMA “aROMA therapy”-you can’t tease me anymore..hehehe. I’ll miss your presence.

ABET– who calls me a man hater, who seems to have a fetish for my muscular arm, who uses me as his pinching bag. You’ll find a new one, soon.. hehe

JOEFF– Hasta luego, amigo! I hope you’ll get that spanish thing going on, dude. Bagay ka maging espanol..

ELLY– frenzy elly! my batchmate, looks like mababawasan na naman ang PS 197. We’re near extinction..I miss everything about you, specially your rated-r chissims. lol

I’ll miss the blue building, graveyard, the almost empty street of edsa during weekends, monday and tuesday nights, my rest days..this will be an unforgettable chapter in my so-called nocturnal life..

i’m having separation anxiety-attack even in my sleep.. i didn’t realize that i was crying until i woke up sniffing and feeling really all-choked up with tears.. ok.. so maybe i’m exaggerating a bit.. only a wee bit..

this is one leap of fate (not faith).. to enter in another phase before i hit midlife crisis.. to be engulf in oblivion.. and to feel the misery of starting over..

come to think of it, i took a u-turn.. as my dad told me when i was asking him what i should do..he replied.. “….take the road that is easy to travel..”. Thanks dad.. you’re very vague.. some philosophical babble or maybe i was just being too literal..I really don’t know if this is the right road.. but all the the old saying say “you’ll never know until you get there”..

o well, it’s do or die for me.. so either way, whatever path i take…it’ll lead me to where i should be..

the thing is i am poor in directions.. yup, goodluck.

I need a compass!!



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