raising hell

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i think hate is a pretty strong word. i shall not use it for this post..i believe the word should be..abhor. I abhor the incompetency of people these days. I’ve been an absentee blogger for quite some time now because of our I.S.P. -Internet Service Provider a.k.a. Imbecile and Sluggish People. We had no connection for 3 consecutive days starting March 3rd. It took them 9 freaking days to fix the line, not one week but exactly 9 days. First time they got here, they changed the modem because they said they were”updating” the system.Apparently, the one they gave us is about to become obsolete! My god! The technician guy said he’ll be back..and guess what?? He never did. Luck for him, I didn’t get his name. We called the next day to report such incident, and they told us that they’ll be scheduling us for another visit.. Well, guess what? That’s what we’ve been doing every single day to inquire what the hell is the problem and why it’s taking forever to fix it. All we need is a straight answer and not some.. run around.. We pay our dues on time and hell, our p.c. is working just fine. We ended up threatening them that we’re going to unsubscribe if this poor customer service will continue and VIOLA, connection fixed..Within a day, they were able to fix the freaking LINE!I think the main problem was we’ve been patient enough to not have thought of that. We just took their word that they’ll come by and fix the problem. I waited and waited for hours, giving up my precious sleep. And all we got were false promises. Well, I guess it’s about time that we give them a PIECE of my mind and throw our motto “patience is a virtue” and shove it to their moronic asses.

It that what it takes to get their behinds working? Threat? My god, what kind of place are we living in..Should I raise hell every time to get some attention here? Should I turn into a green monster every time, I encounter such BULLSHIT? God, I can’t even think straight now. This blog-deprivation has gotten me really bad.


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