the importance of being idle

**It’s your rest day…you have plenty of time to BLOG, but if the internet connection has gone haywire…

here are the alternatives:

1. rearrange your files in the pc, alphabetize if possible, and group them in their respective folders, empty the recycle bin, modify icons, debug and all those techie stuff you don’t normally do..

2. play CHESS … against your no.1 enemy.. YOURSELF.

3. CLEAN YOUR ROOM. If you get to lazy, at least throw the overflowing trash.

4. sound trip. Listen your way to memory lane. I used to love boy bands. Now I’m torturing myself and letting my eardrums bleed out.

5. have a photo session. yup, i have never realize that i can be so narcissistic. This camera-phone is the devil’s play thing.

6. catharsize. scream until you run out of oxygen.

7. count up to 10 million until you fall asleep.

8. have a marathon of your fave series or movies.

9. channel surf- exercise your thumb!

10. THINK.. so you’ll come up with DEEP THOUGHTS… Write in your dusty JOURNAL. Go old school.

and here’s one of the finished products..the result of deep thinking..



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