Going Deutsche

I’m going Deutsche and got accused of having a German suitor for doing so. Hahaha but No. Why German? Why not Latin? But then again, why NOT German?? My dad kinda influenced me in learning the language. When I went home, he was applying what he learned on me, using me as his guinea pig. I was like, “what the……..?”. He has this whole obsession to Hitler and I think Heidi Klum is HOT specially when she says Auf Wiedersehen (Goodbye). Yup, my family is weird.It might be helpful if I travel. I have this plan. I want to be able to go abroad..perhaps a Euro-tour with dad. Germany is on the top of our itinerary. I don’t know when would that be.But o well. Why Germany? Maybe because me and my dad loves THE SOUND OF MUSIC. haha. Remember the children saying ” Fraulein Maria…”. FYI, Fraulein means Miss. In the Phil., if your name is Froilan. You’re probably be a Guy. In Germany..maybe you can be BOTH. Sabi yan ni Princess, one of my roomies. Hehehe. But anyways, We (me and my dad) love how they speak.. It’s like your tongue has been stuck behind your throat, every syllable has this difficult slur which gave me a hard time pronouncing the words. I bought him that book you see on the LEFT. I must admit I’m a bit of a SLOW learner or maybe it’s just hard. O well, carry on. The good thing about it is that it has an audio cd with the book so that you can hear how they pronounce the words.

I also remember that way back, I have this playmate named Oliver. Her mom was one of my mom’s best friends.They moved to Austria and when he came back we was like…Germanized.. I then have to nosebleed and speak English at the same time. O well, I guess learning Deutsch wouldn’t hurt just in case he comes back. Prepare to be shocked! Achkt-Tum! (I don’t know what it means or if I spelled it right, but I always hear my dad saying it!)The thing is it’s cool to be bilingual. I just learned that in my last job. It bridges gap between people plus you’ll get well-compensated too. I know a thing or two in Spanish (again under the influence of mi, Papa). In fact, I like to take a course in European languages. If ever I have enough money. I’d go back to school again. But for now, we’re bleeding our eardrums out, me and princess. I think a migraine will follow but then wish us luck.The sisterhood is going bilingual. This is essential for universal domination, friends! Wish us luck.

Tschuss ( Later!) : )


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