DIET is DIE with a T

summer. time to hit the waves because of the scorching HOT sun. I don’t particularly love summer. though, I don’t abhor it either. i don’t want to get tan lines or get DARKer complexion. As i recall, I already am DARK deep inside so why flaunt it in the outside? swimsuits as skimpy as they are designed to be, they’re the most difficult thing to find. Finding the right FIT, the right CUT, the right EVERYTHING! during summer, people get too weight conscious. why? because we are obliged to show more SKIN. if we keep on hiding behind our jogging pant or sweat shirts we’ll end up like a burrito wrap. what better and faster way to lose those lard is to undergo DIE-T. Proper diet involves dedication and discipline. Proper exercise means a kick ass program and a whole lot of money to finance you’re hunky gym instructor and be able to work out in style. But then again, we have those drastic diets.1. LAXATIVES and PILLS- This one MAY involve dehydration, and basically emptying the insides of your intestines and frequent encounters with the jon too.

2. WATER THERAPY- self-explanatory. You basically drink, eat, breathe and live WATER. All day, all week, until you’re lighter than WATER itself.

3. EXTREME DETOX- you basically purge and voluntarily throw up. What’s the use of taking food in and after 10 minutes deposit them in your nearest toilet?

4. FRUIT DIET- What is a balanced meal? This is not the one. You suck on all the fruit juices until your PH level hits the acidity level of vinegar. They say CARBS makes you really chunky so chomp your way into those melons for a change.

5. FASTING- don’t eat. better yet, don’t live either.

So yes. We’re all vain. We all want to fit those figure hugging clothes and flaunt what we got without seeing people raise they’re eyebrows when you pass by. WE want to be affirmed that we look good. We want to be complimented for they way we look and carry ourselves, like a simple wink from a beach hunk.. We want to feel CONFIDENT. For me, dieting improves my appetite.. hahaha. So I guess it’s useless But for OTHERS,

DIET is DIE with a T.


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