Reality bites harder as usual. and so we’re back from the shores of boracay. Welcome back to hell, so to speak. I guess the best part of the trip is that I was with my friends. Nothing beats traveling with a bunch of hyped individuals–always amped to have fun, explore and yup…drink. In boracay, people partied like it’ll be their last day on God’s green earth.By dawn..people are expected to be wasted like..totally paralyzed—wasted. Not us though, we’ll the thing is we’re a bit cautious since we’re all girls. No one will carry us to our room if we get really dead drunk without taking advantage..if you know what i mean.. Ok, I’m paranoid or whatever. But hey, we don’t want to have our very own version of boracay scandal. Although, the main goal was really to get WASTED all three nights..In PIER ONE,they have this drink call fCUK You, Archie, which will leave you too fckd up to function. It’s a combo of 10 different shots in one tall glass. And to get the “basag” effect you have to down it in one gulp. We just didn’t risk it. I’m still hoping that my tolerance in alcohol will become higher. I guess practice makes perfect, huh? heheAs expected, local celebrities were spotted from Phoemela Barranda (tama ba spelling??), Karel Marquez to the rising rock stars CALLALILY. wheeewww..Perfecto! The food is really expensive. But anyways, it’s G-O-O-D! We tried italian, chinese and of course filipino food–isaw! Their isaw as my friends would describe it was simply to die for… I’m not a fan of chicken or pork innards though.. So I passed. Haha. Boring!The beach was still the same.I’m surprised that they were able to maintain it. It’s still clean. The only trash you’ll see would be cigarette butts impacted in the sand, and some exotic women sand bathing. Que horror!We also went sailing. It was so relaxing. The Paraw was this small sailboat. It was just wind-powered. No gasoline needed–very earth-friendly indeed. We just let the waves takes us away and of course the soothing wind against your body is simply….HEAVEN.

By the end of the trip, I just realized that SPF 70 really really works. I didn’t get that dark. No sunburn either. I still suck at drinking though. I got more depressed because I know that when I get back loads of paperwork is waiting which means.. I’ll get a major migraine and it’s not from hangover.

Summer is a bummer. FckU, Archie!!


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